You are God’s masterpiece

by Nahida the Exiled Palestinian

Yes… you

Those magical eyes

When you’re happy smiling

And even when you cry


This mind of yours

A universe within

Fascinating, magnificent

By its very existence

But more so, its awareness

That it exists


That big warm heart

So loving, full of passion

Without even knowing how or why


Can you keep a secret?

If you promise,

I’ll share it with you…

Did you say yes?

Ok then… listen carefully


Your desire for love is an in-built yearning

To be with the One Most Loving, God

Your hunger for justice is the innate longing

For the Supreme Just, God

Your search for peace is truly hunting

The Only Source of Peace, God

Your secret wish for eternity is merely a deep aspiration

For the Eternal God

Your profound fascination of beauty is purely awe and wonder

Of the One Most Beautiful, God

Your appreciation of all creative arts is simply admiration

Of the One Most Creative, God

Beware, don’t be distracted by signs on the way

They’re only means to get you by

Don’t mistake them for your aim

Otherwise; your harvest will merely be

Big disappointments and flat empty dreams

A heart full of sorrow confused and jeopardized

Carry on along the path

Your home and final destination

Is the One and Only, God

For… you are God’s very own



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