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Capital and Conflict

Dear Reader,
You may not have noticed…
But in November, Britain passed a new ‘extreme surveillence’ law.
Bear in mind… we already have more CCTV cameras than anywhere in the world. And GCHQ already read our emails and tap our phones.
But these new laws – passed under The Investigatory Powers Act, “legalises a whole range of tools for snooping and hacking by the security services unmatched by any other country in western Europe or even the US.”
And the law passed with barely a whimper.  No headlines. No protests.
Because we’re all used to just sitting down and taking it. The majority of people have become used to this ‘soft totalitarianism’.
As with our freedom, our money.  The authorities want you to spend everything you’ve got.
They punish you for saving with near-zero rates. If that doesn’t work, I’m sure they’re prepared to follow the lead of other nations and take rates negative.
And when you haven’t got any cash left… they’ll offer you credit… locking you in for life.
Low rates, QE… it’s all pitched to us as a way to combat the threats we face. But this isn’t a defensive policy. It’s an offensive one – against you.
You are being backed into a corner. Your financial rights are being stripped one by one. You are being punished for trying to save your money in an environement of extreme uncertainty.
You are being encouraged to fall into debt and relinquish the control you have over your financial life. So I have a question for you…
How much are you going to take?
Are you going to wait until the financial authroities start taxing your savings account?
Or build an expiry date into your deposits?
By then, it will be too late.
We are living in an increasingly authoritarian state. And only those who undersatand that – and take immediate evasive steps – will keep control of their money and liberty.
This is a major concern of ours here at Capital &  Conflict.
Because the open warfare of your savings and financial liberty undermines everything you are trying to do as an investor. But it goes deeper than that.
You have a responsibility to your family to provide them with money now and in the future. It weighs heavy. On everyone. You are doing your best. Probably everything you can.
But the financial authorities are intent on taking it all out of your hands.
And the worst of it is… it’s all based on delusion.
The central banks of the world believe they can hold back the immutable laws of finance forever.
They believe they can remedy the most gutted out and rotten financial system that’s ever been…
But they can’t.
All of their attempts to do so have done nothing but routed out the savings and finanical independence of millions.
With $230 trillion in government debt, a fragile banking sytem and millions of people with no savings, trapped in personal debt…
A financial calamity is a certainty.
But here’s the shocking part.
Maybe it’s all part of the plan.
The campaign of low rates and endless credit will make the next crisis insufferable for millions…
Because people simply won’t have the rainy day money to weather the storm.
And the governments don’t have the money to bail out the banks.
So who steps in? Who fills the void? Who grabs total power over high street lenders and even the government itself?
The central banks.
If this seems far-fetched to you, then you haven’t been paying attention. Over the last year alone we have seen banks charge investors for deposits. We have seen investors pressured into buying bonds that are guaranteed to lose them money.
And in India, in November, we have seen the government ban cash notes overnight – causing chaos and desperation.
It is only a matter of time before it’s your turn to suffer these financial depravities.
You cannot afford to just wait for it. You must defend yourself now against what’s happening.
Here’s what you must do to avoid financial enslavement
Your first step is to truly understand what is going on… and the disturbing threat it poses to your financial freedom.
And the next step is to take action to defend your wealth against this assault on your wealth.
I have enlisted one of the best investors in Britain to help you do both of these things… a man trusted to keep safe more than £100m by the richest individuals and families in the country. He is the man you need in times like these… perhaps the most capable defensive investor in the City.
He has dedicated the last ten years of his career to exposing the danger the financial authorities pose.
Together, we’d like to help you defend yourself against them.
I’ll speak as frankly as I can:
If you sit there and do nothing you could lose a grip on not only your money… but the right to decide a future for yourself and your family.
Do not let that happen.

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