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Dear Sammi
It is estimated that Springfield has the population of 23,551, yet we only have 751 people signed up to this free messaging service from west midlands police.
The estimated population for Sparkbrook is 23,594 and we only have 917 members who receive our messages.

The messages can be sent in over 50 different languages, so there is no need to worry if a members first language is not English, the system will translate for you.
Anyone can sign up to this free messaging service. You will receive the messages by email from your local police teams, telling you what is happening in your community.

Can you help to get the members up in both areas? If so please share https://www.wmnow.co.uk with your friends, family and neighbours.

kind regards
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Stefanie Sadler (Police, Engagement & Consultation officer, Birmingham Partnerships)

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