Will China’s Rise be as Problematic as the Rise of Germany and Japan? What About Jewish Supremacist Power and the Problems of White Submissivism?

In contrast, there are only 13 million Jews in the world. And their nation, Israel, is a tiny speck in the Middle East. Jewish super-power owes to Jews controlling the US(the most powerful nation on earth), the UK, Canada, and the EU, but their influence hangs in the balance of White Submissivism, i.e. unless white gentiles continue to remain servile and defer to Jews, Jewish Power can collapse overnight.

It’s no wonder Jews are so invested in Ukraine. Not because they care about ‘democracy’, ‘rules-based order’, ‘Western values’, or Ukrainian sovereignty but because they see it as a potential territorial base for the Tribe in the heart of Europe, indeed a re-attainment of the Pale of Settlement where the Jewish population of the Russian Empire was once concentrated. Jews have their own Amish-types, the Ultra-Orthodox who have lots of children in the US and Israel, and they could be transplanted to Ukraine in the future.
Then, it’s no wonder Jews aren’t troubled by the high casualty rates among the Ukrainians and by the mass migrations out of the country, because such developments clear the land for future Jewish colonization. Whereas Jews will always remain small minorities in other Western and/or European nations, they could conceivably become the majority in Ukraine or at least a sizable minority, something close to a quarter or third of the population or more, as the nation becomes blackrocked.
It’s doable because Ukrainians are among the stupidest people on the planet. They make Dumb Polacks look like geniuses. They seem incapable of connecting the dots as Jews both exploit Ukrainian ultra-nationalism and subvert Ukrainian sovereignty. Even though Jewish Power is the real invasive force in Ukraine, it has diverted Ukrainian attention to the Russian Threat, which could easily have been avoided without the endless provocations. When Jews both embolden the Sub-Nazi elements in Ukraine and push Diversity & Globo-Homo, can’t Ukrainians tell that something isn’t kosher… or is too kosher?
The Jewish-run US uses a globo-homo tranny to egg on the Ukrainians as Aryan he-men against the ‘Mongoloid’ Russians, and the dumb Ukrainians just suck it up. How could a ‘woke’ globo-homo tranny be into Neo-Aryanism, especially when he’s a shill of the Jewish Supremacists? In the West, such a creature would be ranting about MAGA being ‘nazi’, but in Ukraine the ridiculous tranny is cheering on Ukrainians as the Aryan Ideal against the Russian ‘Mongoloid’ untermensch. Surely, the whole thing is like a Marx Brothers gag, but the Ukrainians seem to fall for it. Smart can be evil, but dumbness sure is defenseless against evil. If it continues like this, Jews may indeed take over Ukraine not only politically and financially but demographically. Because Ukrainians are SO DUMB.

Elsewhere, however, Jewish Power must keep a close watch on the goy population that will continue to vastly outnumber them.

This is why Jews are so fearful of the slightest whiff of White Identity & Interest and hysterically defame any hint of white consciousness as ‘white supremacism’. Without brown-nosing cucky-wuck white goyim putting Jewish interests before their own, Jewish Supremacist Hegemony cannot be sustained because Jews simply don’t have the numbers in population and acreage. It’s like the mind is useless if it can’t control the body. A cowboy is in trouble if he can’t control the steers. A shepherd is lost if the sheepdogs and sheep decide to do their own thing. So, Jews are hellbent on imposing its will on the white horse.

This is why Jews hate nationalism in all its manifestations except in Israel and when it can be used against a major enemy, e.g. using Ukrainian ultra-nationalism against Russia. Nationalism makes the people of a nation think mainly of their own kind, their own race and culture.
Furthermore, universal nationalism — national autonomy and sovereignty for each people and culture — means greater peace and stability among gentile nations as each nation will expect other nations to respect its sovereignty as it respects the sovereignties of other nations in turn. Then, there will be improved facilitations of trade and communication among nations.
And, if every nation is sovereign, it will find its own ways to deal with other nations. It won’t need a middleman-power as the ultimate arbiter of what is doable and undoable, what is or isn’t right. In other words, there will be less reason for Jews to stick their noses into everything. There will be less need for Jews, period.

Therefore, it’s in the interest of Jewish Supremacism to have a turbulent world of gentiles vs. gentiles: US vs Muslims, EU vs Russia, US vs China, Arabs vs Arabs, etc. This way, goyim will be too busy hating one another to focus on what is best for their own nation. When goyim hate goyim, Jews can squeeze in between the cracks and manipulate all sides. Consider how American Jews declared the New Cold War on Russia while Netanyahu and Jews-in-Russia assured Putin that they are doing their best to improve Russia’s standing in the world. Jews play good cop and bad cop.

Now, gentile peoples can create havoc around the world all on their own without Jews. Indeed, most of history in all five continents is a testament of how people can be warlike and brutal, and most human conflicts had little or nothing to do with Jews. Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan didn’t invade other peoples at the behest of Jews.

Still, there was a golden opportunity for world peace after the Cold War when the final great ideological/imperial conflict came to an end. There could have been good relations among the US, the EU, Russia, China, and other parts of the world on the basis of good-willed nations committed to mutual respect and rational restraint.

The golden opportunity was lost because Jews knew that world peace would be ‘bad’ for the Jews or, more precisely, for the purposes of Jewish Supremacism. Jews, no longer content with security and the good life, wanted to rule the world. Jews saw the entire world as a casino that must be controlled by Zion. There were too many nations in the Middle East that Jews wanted destroyed. Since Jews themselves couldn’t do it, they manipulated American Power to wage Wars for Israel. And when Russia failed to fall completely into the hands of Jewish globalists and when Jews feared that the Russian resistance to Jewish supremacism might serve as an inspiration for those in the EU and even the US, Jews concocted the so-called ‘New Cold War’ against Russia, which actually wanted peaceful ties and trade with EU and the US. Jews simply couldn’t stand the idea of white Russian goyim getting along with white Europeans and white Americans on equal footing. By turning the US and the EU against Russia, Jews got to play one side against the other and vice versa.

If most peoples think in terms of their own national sovereignty, they will see no point in supporting Jewish supremacism. Why should they favor the interests of an alien people over those of their own?

The problem is not Jews per se but Jewish insistence on their supremacist domination of other peoples. Jews denounce white-goyim-serving-white-goy-interests as ‘supremacist’, but Jews not only serve their own interests but demand that white goyim serve Jewish interests above all else. That is the essence of supremacism.

So many people are so confused because they’ve been misled by Jews to think globally than nationally. If they can’t be for their own kind, whom should they be for? Individuals have a natural longing to serve something bigger than their lone selves. But if white people have been taught that it’s evil and wrong for them to care about their own identity and serve their own interests, what about their need to serve something bigger than themselves?

This is where Jews step in as consultants to all those confused and alienated whites. Yes, whites are told they must serve something bigger than individual interest, and it just so happens to be Jewish interests. Yes, just like the late John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney, Kevin McCarthy, and etc.
Or, if fanatical Zionism isn’t your cup of tea, then you must serve Globo-Homo(which is just another way of serving Jewish power since the Homo agenda has been a proxy of Jewish power from day one). So, we have the odd spectacle in the US of White Conservatives worshiping the 2% of the population that is Jewish(even though most Jews despise white conservatives) and of White Liberals worshiping the 2% of the population that is homo(and closely allied with Jewish supremacist power).

But, despite all the hysterical euphoria of praising Israel and Homos, the Jewish advice to white goyim ultimately only creates more confusion because a people will continue to lose out by serving another people(especially one as contemptuous as the Jews) than by serving their own interests. Imagine what would happen to Jewish power if Jews decided to serve Palestinian, Iranian, Russian, and Anglo interests but never their own. It’d be Game Over for Jews soon enough.

Because whites have been led to believe Jews are so wise and wonderful, they want to believe that the Jewish advice is the best and noblest in the world. In their childlike and sheeplike state, they believe that serving Jews is as good as serving themselves because, in return for their devotion and support, Jews will do what is best for all mankind in Tikkun Olam fashion. Whites would never be so easily hoodwinked by the Mexicans, Chinese, Iranians, or Hindus because no taboo forbids skepticism about them. But the notion of ‘antisemitism’ has made any skepticism or criticism of Jewish power and agenda the Biggest Taboo. Any negative view of Jews is deemed a ‘rabid’ and ‘virulent’ canard. So, when Jews dish out advice, white people with the utmost gratitude believe it’s their duty to trust and obey, just like Christians are supposed to blindly worship God and Jesus.

But when things keep getting worse as the result of heeding the Jewish advice, a complex is bound to form within white minds. One side of them says they must trust Jews because Jews are so holy & wise, and besides, it’d be ‘antisemitic’ to cast aspersions on them. But as the world crumbles around them, there is a growing sense that maybe Jews are not only up to no good but are no good at their very core. Russians sure found out in the 1990s when Jewish advice led to mass poverty and/or mass death for so many people. And people in the EU are beginning to notice that the Jewish push for ‘multiculturalism’ is leading to their racial and cultural demise. And the Ukrainian War is making the EU ever poorer while the Jewish-run US reaps most of the rewards through the sales of energy and arms.
According to the Jewish advice, Europeans must import millions more nonwhites in order for Europe to ‘survive’. Imagine the loopy logic of this advice. In order for Europe to survive, Europeans must be invaded and replaced by non-Europeans as ‘New Europeans’. Now, such an advice would sound totally nuts to a sane person, but alas, the Holocaust Cult has instilled white gentiles with mindless Jewish Worship and even more mindless ‘White Guilt’.

It’s no wonder then that Jewish supremacists can use the US & EU to wage Wars for Israel to smash the Muslim World and then steer tons of ‘refugees’(aided by George Soros & his cabal) to flood into Europe. And all those cucked-out Germans think their duty as Europeans is to serve the ‘refugees’, Muslims, and Africans on the advice of World Jewry. When Germans and others put the interests of the Other above their own kind, it means White Submissivism to Jewish Supremacism is their main mode of existence.

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