Will America’s Jews Take Responsibility for Trump’s Murderous Regime?

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

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The Senior Editor

There would have been no Trump, no COVID, no coup, and, according to The Lancet, at least 200,000 dead Americans so far without Trump’s massive Jewish support.

Jews didn’t vote for him.  What American Jews did was to look the other way, just exactly like Germans did during the holocaust, when Trump went on a rampage of murder, theft and hate mongering that deeply parallels Adolf Hitler.

Jews should be used to it, after all, Benjamin Netanyahu, the man who led Israel to two decades of apartheid and mass murder is, except for Trump, the most Hitleresque figure of our time.

Do remember, never cross “the Jews,” they control so much, but do they?  With the vast majority of American Jews voting for Joe Biden, with Jews making up much of the Biden administration, how can it be that Jews put Trump in office and then supported, in every way, his racism and, above all, his virulent anti-Semitism?

Are Jews that stupid?  Of course they are.

It is time someone told the truth.

  • There was a rock solid nuclear deal with Iran but Jewish hate scuttled the deal and led to a round of sanctions that led to the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent Iranians.
  • Syria defeated ISIS, not Trump or the US, yet American Jews pushed for the Caesar Act sanctions that led to starvation of tens of thousands in Syria and pushed for American seizure of their wheat crops, their oil and open aid for ISIS and al Qaeda terrorists.
  • Trump’s push to put corrupt Saudi Arabia with corrupt Israel was a marriage intended to push forward a wider bombing war on Yemen where 250,000 had already died of starvation and disease, will full approval of American Jews.
  • American Jews also support Israel in her role in the Myanmar/Burma military coup
  • The money behind the coup and near civil war is largely from Jewish billionaires who bankrolled Trump’s criminal empire

Now that a gang of up to 200,000 heavily armed thugs is roaming America’s streets looking for Jewish blood, organized and financed by the same Jewish billionaires, and this is NOT conjecture, that pay for the ADL, AIPAC and sit on the boards of these organizations (simply Google “the billionaires who support Trump), openly Nazi thugs who now blame Jews for everything….

including California wildfires set by “Jewish satellites”…

So, let’s define the problem.  It’s simply two faced gutlessness.  America’s Jews are gutless, they don’t stand up to the racism of the Likudists, to Jewish owned Fox News (Murdochs are Jews…attend synagogue with friends of mine…part of a maternal line of prominent Australian Jews under the name “Greenbaum”)

Try researching this.  See how powerful censorship is.  Try researching Murdoch’s role in Israel’s apartheid policies as well.  More censorship.  But then who owns Google or Facebook or Twitter or or or or?  But then telling the truth is anti-Semitism.

Wait a minute.

Isn’t the current problem an American overrun with Nazi anti-Semites who are run and inspired by a 100% Jewish financed Hitleresque asshole named Trump who is led around by the nose by Benny Melikowsky, a former Philadelphia furniture salesman (find the origin of this and what happened to him….murdered)?

What’s the truth?

Politically aware American Jews who bought in on Trump, after doing their part to totally destroy the US through their silence and complicity are now, some at least, fixing the problem.

Thanks…sort of.

What they aren’t doing is policing their own.  Kick the gangsters out of their positions running Jewish organizations.  Yes, gangsters run every Jewish organization.

We don’t need their money, nobody does.  Anyway, it’s all stolen.

Then we can start dealing with our other assholes, the White Supremacist Nazi assholes, once their billionaire backers are shut down.

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