Wikileaks Shut Down — But Not For Long (Includes New Domain)

December 03, 2010 

Kelley Beaucar Vlahos

U.S-based domain provider shut down WikiLeaks Thursday night claiming relentless cyber attacks on the site, but WikiLeaks was up by the crack of dawn ET, on a new Swiss server, or WikilLeaks announced it via Twitter around 4:30: “Free Speech has a number…”

Pathetically, CNN International refused to include the new address in its own reporting of the event. Meanwhile, Jumpin’ Joe Lieberman has moved on from Amazon, and has  pressured another provider to drop a site carrying WikiLeaks-related content. This time, as Glenn Greenwald points out, the targeted website is independent from WikiLeaks and was merely publishing graphs based on WikiLeaks info on its site.

“(Lieberman) is on some kind of warped mission where he’s literally running around single-handedly dictating what political content can and cannot be on the Internet, issuing broad-based threats to “all companies” that — by design — are causing suppression of political information.”

Interesting times ahead.

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