Wikileaks employee should be dead

The enigmatic disappearance of Arjen Kamphuis occupied the Norwegian investigators for a year. Now they assume that the Wikileaks founder died in an accident with his kayak. His body has still not found the body.

One year after the mysterious disappearance of an employee of Wikileaks disclosure platform in Norway, the investigators expect an accidental death. The Dutchman Arjen Kamphuis, an employee of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, was probably killed in a kayak accident in August 2018, the Norwegian police said. His body had not been found so far.

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De Noorse politie gaat er vanuit dat Arjen Kamphuis om het leven is gekomen bij een kano-ongeluk …

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Investigators assume that Kamphuis was kayaking in Skjerstad fjord in northern Norway and got into distress. At the point where Dutch personal belongings were found last year, police provided a kayak.

The then 47-year-old cybersecurity expert was last seen leaving his hotel in Bodo, northern Norway on August 20, 2018, where he was vacationing. Wikileaks had then spoken of a “mysterious disappearance”. In online networks, various theories circulated that the US secret service CIA or Russia might be behind it or the expert deliberately submerged to realize a secret project of Assange.

Cell phone ten days after disappearance still in use

Additional puzzles were given up on a cell phone attributed to Kamphuis: a signal was sent from the phone on the evening of August 30, 2018 – from Stavanger in southwestern Norway, 1,600 kilometers from Bodo. Within one hour, two Kamphuis-approved SIM cards – one German and one Dutch – were put into the cell phone.

The Norwegian police said, however, that two Eastern European truckers had found the cell phone, a laptop and other personal belongings of Kamphuis in the place where the kayak was discovered. The truck drivers took the items with them. There are no indications that the two men are dealing with Kamphuis’ disappearance, according to the police.

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