By Gordon Duff

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The new Wikileaks “attack on Israel,” is, as was expected, not only toothless, but released through “alternative” websites that have defended the Israel/Wikileaks partnership and censorship relentlessly in face of, well, in face of the facts.  Wikileaks is now trying to buy back its lost credibility and is spending the credibility of its “special friends.”  We aren’t buying.

Wikileaks has been caught working for Israel twice, the phony Afghanistan “dump” and the even more phony Iraq “dump.”  Both were blatant Israeli intelligence operations, pushing forward the “Greater Israel” agenda.  Unless we get cables that clearly demonstrate how Israel’s actions directly endanger the security of the United States, we aren’t buying this time either.

When the special relationship between Wikileaks, the New York Times and Israel became public through the independent media, revealing to anyone with eyes to see that Wikileaks is simply another CIA/Mossad disinformation scam, plans were set into motion.  Wikileaks is too valuable.

Wikileaks can kill better than any weapon, expensive as Wikileaks is to manage, all those agents to pay, it may even make a profit, in the end.


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“Independent” journalists, some trusting and innocent but several, long term assets for intelligence agencies, beating the anti-Zionism drum for years, began a defense of Wikileaks.  The best of them simply wished that Wikileaks was true and honest and that Julian Assange really hadn’t turned his material over to the corporate press to clean out anything that might bother Israel.

All the while, Benjamin Netanyahu continued heaping praise on Wikileaks and Julian Assange.  By October, Veterans Today had buried Wikileaks.  By December 2, Zbigniew Brzezinski, top of Washington’s food chain, declared them phony as a three dollar bill.  Alan Sabrosky and Jeff Gates (II) came on-board.  The most complete history of the Wikileaks/Israel scandal was written by Jonathan Azaziah.

His article, WIKILEAKS IS POISON II: DECONSTRUCTION OF THE MYTH, with over 250 references, is by far the most informative analysis of Wikileaks to date.

Soon afterwards, it became clear to more and more journalists that Wikileaks “sensitivity” to Israel was really “working for Israel.”  In fact, pretty much everything Wikileaks was about is, as Jeff Gates calls it, “game theory warfare.” Veterans Today editor and intelligence/psyops specialist, Jim Dean, commenting on the exposure of key “alternative media” pundits as allied to intelligence agencies:

The first job (from their viewpoint) when you feel you are about to get exposed, is to throw the railroad track switch to get the train going down another track..and as each day goes by the potential revelation threat is getting further and further away.

And when you take a look at the remark by xxxxxxxxx, a guy who has played at the cabinet level, you can kind of see they  might think that only an Intel gut would be smart enough to go for the switch bait.  They don’t seem to grasp that folks who have run these games themselves in the past can kind of see it coming when it is directed back at them.

Strategically we have to teach all these (real) alternative media folks to think like counter intel pros. They will never be able to get their minds around the Jeff Gates…’circles within circles’. It is not an easy thing. But the payoff comes, when people do learn…they remember where the education came from, and their loyalty is in cement from there on out. And when you are building a foundation for a tough uphill fight…you want to make sure your base cannot be ‘disappeared’ in a poof.

The two parallel myths being promoted by what is now being revealed as the “controlled independent news (CIN) are:

  • Poor Julian Assange, the persecuted rebel with his 1.5 million dollar book deal, his billionaire friends, his daily press conferences and his partnerships with the most powerful media moguls on the planet.

  • Israel, the victim state, 3rd largest arms exporter in the world, hundreds of nuclear weapons, drowning in money, highest standard of living in the world for its “special” population only.

They are a marriage but not one made in heaven, not hardly, a marriage with bridesmaids, spies, phony press, and a honeymoon in Tehran, celebrating a nuclear apocalypse of Wikileaks making.

Wikileaks has already paid off by supplying ammunition to help drive the carefully orchestrated overthrow of Tunisia.  Tunisia was Wikileaks/Mossad/CIA every step of the way.

Wikileaks bought credibility with an attack on US atrocities in Iraq, then went after Pakistan, a big target of Israel.  Then they went after Iran, another big target of Israel and, in the process, trashed the United States, something that made Benjamin Netanyahu very happy.  America had been giving him hell over bulldozing Palestinian homes and, in the process, people too, and Israel’s “big gun,” their prime intelligence asset, Julian Assange and Wikileaks were there to collect a bill.

Many writers, such as William Engdahl felt Wikileaks was so outrageous that it may have been a CIA attempt to justify shutting down the internet.

Thus far, the promised “trashing” of Israel, Julian Assange making amends for his bias and censorship, isn’t materializing.  The cables, covering “Operation Cast Lead,” the attack on Gaza in 2009, are little more than rehashes of biased news stories.  “One heroic Israeli freedom fighter was martyred while killing 100 vicious Palestinian terrorists”…that kind of thing.

We have been reading this for years.  Playing with body counts became a joke during Vietnam.  That hasn’t stopped, not by a long shot.

With all the hoopla, with the world waiting so long for the Wikileaks war on Israel, the released cables are American only.  They do demonstrate bias, American bias toward Israel, no secret there.  They also demonstrate that the State Department is overly “sensitive” toward Israel and chooses to believe anything Israel tells them.

The State Department is like, well, like Wikileaks it seems.

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