Why the US Didn't Pursue Hitler


We believe Hitler was protected because he  was an Illuminati agentBut Harry Cooper says. Hitler and 1000’s of Nazis enjoyed retirement in Argentina because of a formidable financial and military alliance  with the President Juan Peron, and because  of an exchange that included uranium and nuclear know-how. 
by Harry Cooper

To fully understand why Adolf Hitler
, Eva Braun//Hitler, Martin Bormann and hundreds, perhaps even thousands of men who held high positions in the Third Reich were safe in Argentina we must look at the situation there.

These men came under the protection of Juan Perón, left, and the Argentine military. This ‘friendship’ was bought with billions of dollars worth of treasure by Martin Bormann. In addition to the massive wealth, men of the Reich founded a nuclear research laboratory on an island at the village where Adolf Hitler and so many more lived – Heumel Island on Lake Nahuel Huapi at the town of San Carlos di Bariloche.
Perón built his mountain troop training school on the mainland a few hundred yards across the lake from this island. According to some, Dr. Richter and his team achieved the world’s first cold fusion at this island laboratory in the early 1950’s…
Perón needed Nazi lucre to buy his way to the top in Argentina. Further, there were hundreds of former SS men in and around Bariloche. They had heavily armed security both on the land and on the lake, so no small clandestine force would have had any possibility of success. Add to this, the large ring of observation points in the mountains all around the lake and in the town. It would have been impossible for anything short of an all-out large scale invasion to get into the area.

Why didn’t the USA ‘go after Hitler’? With all this protection from Perón and the unlikelihood that Perón would ever willingly give up any of these men, nothing short of a full scale invasion could have even begun to accomplish this and the USA was tired of war. But there is another compelling reason.
This now is theory mind you, but based on hard facts. At this point, we look back to 1958 when yours truly was a young punk in the United States Air Force. I spent the first six months of that year in intense weapons training at Lowrey Air Force Base in Denver, Colorado. In the early part of our training, we watched films of the United States early attempts to build a nuclear bomb. The US special weapons project was moving very slowly and in fact, if I remember correctly the 1984 book “Japan’s Secret War” by ROBERT WILCOX stated that Japan test fired their first nuclear device a week before the US did.
German U-Boats were trying to make the dangerous voyage to Japanese held ports in the Indian Ocean and in the Pacific carrying all sorts of high tech weaponry and uranium. The Allies had the codes and knew which boats were carrying what, and they were ambushed by British submarines as they came over Denmark and into the Denmark Straits.
U-234 was under the command of JOHANN HEINRICH FEHLER (32-1984) and he was not a young Skipper like the others who walked into the trap. He had been a merchant Skipper before the war and in the early days, was the Demolitions Officer aboard the raider ATLANTIS.
Sensing there was something amiss with his ordained course, he changed course and so the Royal Navy submarine waiting in ambush for U-234 had no target. The cease fire order from Großadmiral Karl Dönitz found U-234 in the North Atlantic so they had a choice where to put in for their surrender. After an officer’s conference, they surrendered to the USA – with their 560 kilos of uranium.
Looking back upon my Spec-Weps training, the USA was struggling but right around the time of the German surrender, the US Spec-Weps program took a gigantic leap forward. We were told it was because our brilliant scientists had done magnificent work etc. but as we look back, we must wonder about this.

Photo left – inspecting U-234 in the US after her surrender.
Germany surrendered and suddenly the USA had all manner of brilliant German scientists, fissionable material for weapons building, intercontinental ballistic missiles, jet planes and even rocket powered planes, the first true submarine (the Type XXI and Type XXIII) and God knows what else. Even today we do not know all that came over from Germany after their surrender.
So what if………what if the agreement was made to turn over all this information, material, scientists etc. to the USA and in exchange, nobody would go after Hitler and the others? It was a pretty easy decision to make. On the one hand, the US would receive untold advancements in science, weaponry and other greatly needed areas as already described and Hitler and the others of the Reich would be allowed to live out their lives quietly in Argentina.
On the other hand, if agreement was not reached, how many thousands of the top German scientists would have gone to the Soviet Union? The atomic bomb would not have been ready for Hiroshima or Nagasaki, meaning the deaths of hundreds of thousands of American troops and most likely almost the entire Japanese race who were prepared to fight to the last man if necessary.
The Soviet Union would have been the leader in nuclear armament, would have had the jet fighters, the rockets, the ICBMs etc. much earlier. In other words, if the agreement had not been reached, the war in the Pacific would have gone on much longer, millions more would have died, and the USSR would have been the leader in all phases of weaponry and then the USA would have had to march into Argentina in a full military invasion.
As I already said, this is my theory but I think it is a pretty solid one and, backed up by the thousands of files we have from the various research archives thanks to S.E.I.G. Agents TAUCHER and REMBRANDT, and our best S.E.I.G. Agent of all – PIZZARRO; there is no doubt in my mind that this is what happened. We have files from the US National Archives, from Dutch Intelligence and from various archives abandoned when the STASI moved out.
There is no way anyone else could pull all this together and that is why I am absolutely certain this is the way it actually happened. Sharkhunters is not a part time hobby – I work 12 to 14 hours per day in my office or I am in the field in Argentina, in Germany, in Austria, on forgotten islands, Brazil and so many other places. There is no doubt in my mind that Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun, Martin Bormann and hundreds of others did indeed go to Argentina and other than Adolf Eichmann and Klaus Barbie, lived out their lives in peace and safety thanks to the factors put forth in this book. 
– See more at: http://henrymakow.com/2014/03/Why-the-US-Didnt-Pursue-Hitler.html#sthash.b9SVCUCE.dpuf

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