Why Is Iran’s Ayatollah Saner than Mitt Romney?

Simple Truth from an Unexpected Sourc

Address At Non-Aligned Conference in Tehran a “Breath of Fresh Air”

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

In Tehran, 120 nations got together, risking car bomb retaliation and the scorn of Mitt Romney and Sheldon Adelson to discuss why they think the UN is a cheap con and America and Israel are “full of it.”  The numbers of nations no longer willing to “kiss butt” is a smackdown for Israel more than America.
It is also a total “smackdown” for the UN, the pretend organization where 5 nations have total veto power over any real action.

There are 7 videos here, 34 minutes of translated speech, something I expect about one in 20 readers to look at.  I don’t blame you, I hate seeing videos also.  However there is a reason for me to put this here.  If  you want to understand the UN, the US and Israel and who and what Iran is, it is explained in plain language.  It just takes a half hour.  About 7 minutes of it involves the rights of Palestinians.  There has been so much propaganda out there, trying to save them seems hopeless to many of us.  Billions have been spent so we would give up, no accident there.

For members of our military and intelligence services, the answer is simple, right out of the comic strip “Pogo”:  “We have met the enemy and he is us.”  No one remembers when Americans started vilifying any potential adversary, almost always tied to profiteering or some business interest, in order to coax volunteers to be slaughtered as General Smedley Butler, twice CMOH winner would say, as “gangsters for Wall Street.”  We tell ourselves of “honorable service” and forget we killed “militants” who were farmers the day before, enemies that were more “freedom fighter” than we would ever want to admit.

For Americans, how do you listen?  Look at how he is dressed, the beard, the room full of dark skinned foreigners.  Were any of them at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, would the crowd be throwing them nuts saying “this is how we feed the animals?”  The message in the video, that non-aligned nations are finished with the corrupt UN.  There is clear agreement on that.  Whether they buy everything said, that remains to be seen.

If you want to know what is wrong with America, the answer is simple.  120 nations sit here that should be buying American made cars and trucks, American machinery and electronics but, instead, they are loading up on arms, American some, Israeli and Chinese, Russian mostly.  The system of cooperation and peace that would give jobs to millions of Americans was systematically destroyed when America’s economy was hijacked during the Reagan administration, the man who decided wealth would “trickle down” and that we didn’t need factories.  We were going to flip burgers and count phony money.  Reaganonmics.

34 minutes, talk about “Zionism,” talk many of us know valid but a term that controlled news has transformed from a system as evil as communism to a mythical biblical concept that, when examined, has nothing “Jewish” about it.  Zionism is a political con.  A definition;  “Starting wars, getting others to die and you make all the money.”

What is the lesson?  Iran doesn’t stand alone, Israel does, abandoned even by American Jews.  That can change and should and the formula for it is being offered.  Look on what is suggested, the referendum as a beginning of negotiations.  Without justice there will be eternal war.  If Israel wants to fight it, let us correct our falsified and propagandized history first and then let properly informed and educated Americans of all faiths including “none of the above” make the decisions.
The issue should be humanity for all.  Today, the religious conflicts of the Middle East, not confined to just Jews and Muslims, it goes deeper, it goes back centuries, all need to be redressed.  I have issues about Christians and their rights, issues about the Kurds, about the Armenians, there is a thousand  years or more that has to be redressed, “de-propagandized” and replaced with peace and understanding.
Wars must end and those who sell them need to be punished, isolated from mankind like an incurable disease.


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