Why Do Some Christians Love To Hate Muslims


After communism fell in the Soviet Union,  it’s been known since 1992,  when this cartoon was drawn, that:  Muslims Are The  Official Enemies of Americans.
Over the past 25 years Americans have been conditioned to fear Muslims. Millions of American Christians, who should only fear God, also are taught to to hate and fear Muslims. Several years ago, I received a hateful and untrue email about Muslims from a fellow Christian at my church. It turns out that email had been passed around among a number of other church members and had been floating around the internet for over five years prior. As a result, I wrote this article to challenge my fellow Christians and show support for my Muslim friends.

After the fall of communism in the Soviet Union, Chuck Carlson, founder of We Hold These Truths, wrote a ground breaking article, Attacking Islam in 1994, that explained how Islam became America’s new enemy.

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