Who's the Bully? Manitoba Forces Homosexuality on Children



School Bully, Nancy Allan
Manitoba Minister of Re Education &
Child Procurement

Social Engineering; Political & Religious Oppression 

Tuesday, Nancy Allan announced a coercive plan to persecute students who object to homosexuality, ensuring that school children are groomed for homosexual pedophiles. 

The “Anti Bullying Action Plan will teach children how to report anyone who has reservations about homosexuality.  This has been extended beyond the school to include all venues, including the Internet and social media in particular.  There will be political commissars trained to take complaints and hunt down and intimidate offenders. (Source: CBC Information Radio Interview with Allan)

All school boards will be forced to adopt a “Human Diversity” Mission Statement which emphasizes “inclusiveness” i.e. approval for the “homosexual lifestyle.”  It will insist that  “gay-straight alliances” be established in all Manitoba schools. These clubs are meeting places where straight children can be inverted and have their first gay sexual experience. These trysting places have been established in 31 Manitoba schools so far.

The Illuminati always have a good reason and the real reason. They talk about making schools “safe” and “friendly” for gays. The real reason is to encourage gay sexual experimentation. Manitoba schools are no longer “safe” places for the 98% of the school population that is heterosexual. Our political leaders demonstrate a subversive hatred for heterosexual society and its institutions. 



Manitoba’s NDP government is a member of the (Illuminati Masonic) front. Fist and red rose are both Illuminati have crossed the line. They have been caught red handed procuring children for pedophiles. They are gambling the public is too stupid and cowardly to recognize this and resist.

Nancy Allan Email— minedu@leg.gov.mb.ca

“We must introduce into their education all those principles which have so brilliantly broken up their order.”  Protocols of the Elders of Zion (16)
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

You know it’s 
an Illuminati psy-op when local, state and federal governments, corporations, celebrities and the mass media all start singing from the same songbook.
The “psy-op” is “bullying.”  Supposedly it’s an epidemic. The Obama  administration “estimates that bullying affects 13 million students, or about a third of those attending school.”
One-third of all children attending school? Have you ever heard such nonsense in your life?
Back in the 1950’s I was bullied in the schoolyard at Fairfield school. I didn’t go whinging on YouTube for government, public or celebrity assistance.
I hired a tough kid named Louis Knapp and he took care of the problem. It cost me some marbles.
Some kids ostracized me in later grades. So what? I shunned them. Personality conflicts and disagreements do not require legislation.

But “Bullying” is not the real issue here. “Bullying” is a euphemism for something else, non-acceptance of homosexuality.  

Gay kids are being portrayed as a persecuted minority. Anyone who takes exception to the media and government drive to make us all experiment with homosexuality is being set up as a “bully” or “hater.”
“Lady” Gag wants to make “bullying” a “hate crime.”   Anyone who turns down a gay sexual overture will be suspected of “hate.” Did you know most homosexuals prefer heterosexuals?  They don’t like rejection.
Watch the report on ABC News Dec. 6 2011. It was about how satanist slut Lady Gag is going to the White House to discuss bullying. But it quickly emerges that bullying isn’t the problem, resistance to homosexuality is.
Jonah Mowry’s video is trotted out and Jonah is quoted as saying Gaga inspired him because of her “born that way” campaign.
Earth to Jonah. Very few homosexuals are “born that way.” Most become that way because of family dysfunction (abusive or no father, overbearing mother) or sexual abuse by an older member of the same sex.
[ A reader Kevin (see comments) used to live in San Francisco and asked gay men questions like “Were you always attracted to men?” EVERY LAST GAY MALE HE SPOKE TO HAD BEEN either abused by his father or (more likely) step-father or raped by a person in authority; all while either young or teenaged children.]
This dysfunction is what the Illuminati perverts are trying to normalize. This is why they give shots against STD’s to babies and children.
Don’t have any illusions about the monsters who govern us. They are practicing satanists. They don’t care about gays, women, children, or anyone but themselves. But they will adopt a pious pose to advance their pernicious agenda.
I believe homosexuality is a developmental disorder and gays should be treated like anyone else with a health challenge, with compassion and support. I do not encourage or condone hurtful behavior.
Read my article “It’s OK to Say ‘That’s So Gay'” for the big picture.
Don’t be fooled. “Bullying” is really about heterosexuals being coerced to have gay sex.  Bullying is the media and government perverts and traitors bullying you.

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