When is an anti-semitic attack not anti-semitic? When it’s a Zionist who is being anti-Jewish. When is anti-Semitic Abuse not anti-Semitic? When it is a Zionist who is doing the Abuse!
Maybe dear reader you could answer a simple question which has been puzzling me. There’s no trick and I promise that it is not too difficult. Can you think of anything more offensive, and in the case of someone who is Jewish, a better example of racism, than writing to tell them that they and their family should have perished in Auschwitz? And for good measure expressing a desire that the Neturei Karta group of Hasidic Jews should also have perished?
Yes I know it’s a no-brainer but even so, Mark Gardener, the overpaid (£130,000+) chief of the Community Security Trust, still doesn’t get it. The CST, whose only known backer is right-wing venture capitalist Gerald Ronson, is insistent that this isn’t anti-semitic! Yes, I know what you are thinking. If this isn’t anti-semitic then what is?
Or rather it would be anti-semitic if the person who made the statements which were sent to this blog, were non-Jewish. But since they were sent by Zionists of (presumably) Jewish extraction, it isn’t anti-semitic!. I wrote to Mark Gardener, spokesman of the Zionist Community Security Trust, submitting both comments that had been sent to me and asking that they be recorded as anti-semitic abuse.
Gardener wrote back stating that the first comment was not anti-Semitic whereas the second comment is ! It is the infantile ‘Holohoax’ message which Gardener has deemed anti-semitic. Now I agree. Sending holocaust denial stuff to Jewish people is certainly anti-semitic though I have to confess that it was so puerile, on the academic level of a 7 year old child, that I found it more amusing for what it said about its author. There was nothing personally offensive in it and no threats against my family or myself. Far from wishing that Hitler had murdered us s/he assured me that no Jews had been killed because they are Jews!
Of course holocaust denial stuff is extremely offensive on another level, given the enormity of the Nazi crime, but on a personal level it was not threatening. The Zionist message calling me a traitor, didn’t deny the Holocaust. It merely wished that I and my family had been victims! Therefore it’s not anti-semitic!! In fact, of course, those of my family who stayed in Poland, were indeed murdered by the Nazis.
And how does Gardener justify this? According to his e-mail of 24th February:
“(the) CST does not believe that arguments between “Zionist” and “anti-Zionist” Jews constitute antisemitism as such.”
How convenient, except of course that this wasn’t an ‘argument’ between anyone. It was an anonymously posted message sent to my blog. Whereas:
“The second email, containing Holocaust denial will be recorded by CST as an antisemitic incident. In accordance with the explanation above, the first email will not be recorded as an antisemitic incident.”
So now, if you have any doubts about the selective, distorted and arbitrary nature of what the CST records as anti-semitic then this is about as good an example as you can get. This proves, in and of itself, how the CST distorts and twists its statistics according to pre-set political criteria.
No matter what vitriolic anti-semitic abuse Gardener’s Zionist friends dish out, none of this will be recorded as anti-semitic. But if an Asian kid in the street, who knows that Israel calls itself a Jewish State and has heard that the Board of Deputies of British Jews supports the siege of Gaza and the mass murder of Palestinians there, shouts something about Jews being murderers, then that will be an anti-semitic incident par excellence! It would seem that the turning of a blind eye has been made into an art form.

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