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Now that Donald Trump has effectively removed the United States from any meaningful role as a mediator in the Zionist-Palestinian conflict, we can certainly expect absolutely nothing from Washington, D.C.  And with that comes the usual degradations.  Nikki Haley, America’s most celebrated WOG, had the temerity to threaten certain countries with financial ruin for voting against the U.S. in the General Assembly.  Evidently, she thought her veto of the Turk-Yemeni resolution at the U.N.S.C. would put an end to the brouhaha over moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  It didn’t.  The matter was referred to a vote at the U.N.G.A. and Trump’s administration was handed a humiliating turn-down.

What Haley can’t get into her un-exercised brain is that most of the EU countries voted for the resolution condemning the U.S. unilateral move.  Even traditionally Yankee-obsessed Costa Rica voted against the U.S.  Germany, France, Italy, Britain, Greece, Cyprus – all bastions of pro-American platitudes jumped ship.  With the U.S. so mired today in isolation and universal ostracism, it is hard to believe that the Trump administration will have anything to do on the world stage besides blowing hot air at North Korea and Iran.

Well, the Russians have impolitely asked the U.S. to get out of Syria, now!  Under international law, the U.S. has no business being there without the permission of the government which holds a seat at the United Nations occupied by long-suffering Dr. Bashar Al-Ja’afari.  With the U.S. having been firmly rebuffed by the world community, will Dr. Ja’afari follow in the footsteps of the Turkish-Yemeni resolution and bring the matter before the General Assembly?:  “Should the United States be condemned for occupying another country when that country’s government asked the U.S. to leave?”

As ISIS evolves into an extinct organization, with most members flocking to other borders in order to relocate to better fields, there is no reason for the U.S. to remain in Syria.  But, the U.S. is not willing to leave.  Prepare yourselves for an Iranian-inspired insurgency in Syria aimed at American troops and their so-called “allies”.  The allies know what the result is going to be.  American loyalty in the Middle East is as slippery as oil.  Nobody is going to bet on Trumpian tenacity.  When body bags start piling up on the runways of airbases, the U.S. will leave (this year) and the erstwhile allies will all seek amnesty.

In the meantime, we have Idlib to think about.  The Eastern Ghouta is verging on collapse and Syrian Forces are expected to clean it out during the next 2 months.  But, Idlib, for reasons having to do with previous agreements, is an ant hill bursting at the seams with terrorists – most of whom cannot stand each other.  With Turkey unwilling to prick the burgeoning balloon, the terrorists there in Idlib, will have only one outlet and that’s by sea.  And if they leave by sea, Europe will be inundated with trained criminals a la the Mariel Boat Lift engineered by the late Fidel Castro.

So, what do you do with trained terrorists?  Angela Merkel lost her majority in government because of her ill-advised acceptance of thousands of refugees from the Syrian conflict.  She won’t make that mistake again.  Just one more atrocity in Germany and her government will fall.  In this light, expect Europe to rethink its relationship with Dr. Assad, the only man in Syria who can finagle a solution to the problem of terrorists on the loose.  Needless to say, he will not agree to permit those same sociopaths into Syrian society just to prevent them from nesting in Europe.  However, given the high stakes here, Europe is going to have to cough up much-needed capital to both restore Syria’s economic health and to address the terrorist problem partly created by the U.K., Germany and France.  Expect increased cooperation.  Expect efforts to reopen embassies which were closed in order to emphasize Dr. Assad’s isolation during the initial stages of the conflict.  These countries from Old Europe will have to swallow their pride and get on with the task of defending their borders.

The Europeans won’t agree to the proposition that the only good terrorist is a dead one.  They won’t agree to a plan that involves exterminating the rodents.  Instead, they would probably agree to a re-orientation program to unbind former terrorists from a world vision of violence while turning a blind eye to the liquidation of the few incorrigible terrorists still left.  Syria has proven that its amnesty plan has worked in 85% of the cases and such an approach may signal the end of constant warfare with Wahhabist cockroaches.

I foresee marked advances by Russia and China in the Middle East.  Trump has so angered the Arab street that formerly friendly governments like those of Jordan and Egypt will not be able to carry on with “business as usual”.  This might mean (although Chris would disagree) putting an end to further work on that huge subterranean military base in northern Jordan he has mentioned repeatedly to me.  Egypt has already strengthened its ties to Moscow and Iraq is only an angstrom away from asking the Americans to leave.  Turkey may well leave NATO and any pretense to being a part of Europe.  Its efforts to join the EU have been as fruitless as the Palestinians negotiating with the Zionist regime in Tel Aviv.

Iran, too, is heading for a banner year.  With formerly skeptical Iranian intellectuals now siding with hard line clerics about their view of the United States, watch for less internal conflict as Tehran widens its arc of influence throughout the Fertile Crescent, all the way to Egypt.  And watch Hizbollah reap all the benefits.

The Europeans are dumbstruck by Trump.  They simply have no method to deal with this crackpot in the White House.  Think what you will of George W. Bush, another nut who should be hanged for war crimes committed in Afghanistan and Iraq, but, who was a sobre-minded realist when it came to coordinated international efforts.  Even Obama, despite his blood lust, was predictable for his diplomacy – even though he was a war criminal, also.  The Germans and the English don’t know what to do with a White House gone berserk.  The Germans have hinted at greater self-sufficiency from a security standpoint.  The Brits have resigned themselves to a world in which they have no special relationship to the United States.  The French, notorious for their admiration for the U.S., must now look to their historical nemeses, Germany and the U.K., for that feeling of comfort – a feeling which should not be allowed to set in too deeply.

Dr. Assad has stunned the world with his stubborn insistence on the rule of law.  He has won.  Even that war-mongering caitiff, Robert Ford, who, with Bandar bin Sultan, tried to engineer the revolt against the Syrian central authority has admitted to Assad’s grand victory.  He told the so-called hotel-based “opposition” as much.  Ford has disappeared into irrelevance.  Like all the characters in this horrific tragedy, Captain Kangaroo (George Sabra), Riyaadh Hijaab, Ghassaan Hitto, Ahmad Mu’aadh Al-Khateeb, and the rest of that motley crew of degenerates, they hold tight to the anchor on a sinking ship straight down, all the way into a gelid oblivion.  Farewell.  And Merry Christmas.

Dr. Assad’s popularity is going to guarantee his future success for a long time to come.  Syrians, even those who might have despised him because of his religious affiliation, have come to see how insistent he was about the territorial integrity of his country and the absolute rule of law.  They know how much minorities in Syria sacrificed to keep their country secular and free.

Vladimir Putin handled this portfolio in a masterly way.  He has now come to the conclusion that the Syrian government has sufficient military assets, in personnel and weaponry,  to finish the job.  Every intelligent military man has to have an exit strategy and a timetable which fits the facts on the ground.  Putin has determined that his role in Syria has come to a close and that the Damascus government has to finish the job.  To be sure, Russian troops will remain at Humaymeem and Tartous.  But, those troops are part of a larger global strategy involving the projection of Russian power across the world.  How that is going to play out with an American competitor whose influence is flagging is anybody’s guess.  One thing is certain, however, since the fall of the Soviet Union, and the sordid events that followed, Russia is back in a big way!

As we move to a new chapter in the history of this conflict, I want to thank all my readers for their loyalty and insight.  I even want to thank the trolls who made my website more popular.  I even want to thank the hotel-based opposition for their comic material which enabled me to smile through some of these harrowing events.

To my readers all:  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Next year in Jerusalem.

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