West dishonest over Syria unrest, supporting terrorists: Chossudovsky

Press TV has talked with Michel Chossudovsky, with the Center for Research on Globalization from Montreal, to get his opinions on the role of the Israeli regime in the ongoing foreign-backed unrest in Syria.
Below is a rough transcription of the interview. (view video in original source)
Press TV: Mr. Chossudovsky, today we have Israel threatening Moscow possibly with force.
How does Israel play into this equation and how much physical involvement can we expect from Israel?
Chossudovsky: Well, first I should say that Israel is supporting the insurgency. In other words, it is supporting al-Qaeda in Syria.
This is not known to public opinion but through the Golan Heights, it is supporting terrorist units of al-Nusrah, which are fighting the Syrian government.
It has logistics, weapon supplies, Israeli vehicles going into the Syrian territory, it also has a hospital facility for the rebels located in the Golan Heights.
So, in effect, right from the outset Israel has been involved in supporting the various factions, the so-called Islamist factions, which are, as we know, mercenaries trained in Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
So, in effect, we have to ask ourselves who are the main military actors in the Syrian war theater. The al-Nusrah rebels, which allegedly represent the opposition, are supported by the Western military alliance and Israel.
These are the foot soldiers of the Western military alliance and they are waging a war against the Syrian people.
Now when the European Union decides to lift the embargo, the arms embargo, what they really have in mind is not to say that they have not been supplying the rebels with weapons, all the time they have; but what they have in mind is to channel military aid to this mercenary force, which is supported by foreign powers.
That is a very different opposition to the Russians or Iran for that matter, through bilateral agreements providing military assistance to a sovereign country and to a government and in effect what we are also dealing with is…, well it is illegal under the international law but it is also in violation of the US’ anti-terror legislation.
Press TV: Mr. Chossudovski, recently US senator John McCain went to Syria via Turkey. How do you interpret this visit?
Chossudovsky: Well, John McCain, who is secretary of the state, is actually in blatant violation of the US’ guidelines on anti-terrorism.
There is an anti-terrorist list, there is a list of terrorist organizations, which is made up by the State Department and John Kerry is negotiating, interfacing, with representatives of that terrorist organization and the same thing is true for John McCain when he crosses into Syria or the same thing is true with the former ambassador to Syria Robert Steven Ford, who is also supporting these terrorists.
So we have to distinguish between military aid through official channels, from government to government, which is what the Russians are providing to Syria on the one hand and the type of assistance which Israel, Britain, France, the United States, are channeling to an illegal organization according to their own criteria.
So in other words they should be arrested on anti-terrorist charges because they are in violation of international law.
Press TV: Despite the fact that the European Union has lifted arms embargo on Syria, how optimistic are you that the Geneva II talks would bear fruit and resolve the Syrian crisis politically?
Chossudovsky: Well, I think that the Western leaders are, in effect, attempting to build peace and democracy by threatening war. Essentially that is what they are doing, heightening the threats, channeling weapons to the terrorists, incidentally those terrorist have been decimated by the Syrian Armed forced, so in effect the Western military alliance is in a dead end.
So, they are now considering all the options but essentially if they were concerned and sincerely committed to the peace process, they would immediately cease supporting a terrorist organization which is linked to al-Qaeda and which is involved in atrocities and killings in Syria.

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