West Bank: Jewish teens hurl stones at cars



Six Zio-Nazi teenagers who attend a yeshiva at Kochav Hashachar were arrested Tuesday by Zio-Nazi army- after hurling stones at passing vehicles in the West Bank.

An Israeli citizen driving in the area reported stones being hurled. An Zio-Nazi force dispatched to the area caught the 14-year-old teens in the act after a brief chase.

The suspects were turned over to the police and are being questioned. It is still unclear whether the teens are Kochav Hashachar residents or outside yeshiva students.

They likely tried to hit Palestinian vehicles but ended up accidentally pelting an Israeli car.

Tensions have been high in the West Bank in recent weeks, with frequent clashes between settlers and Palestinians. Last week, settlers told Police officials that Palestinians attacked a woman from the Givat Harel outpost and stole her car near the Palestinian village of Sinjil.

Police later recovered the vehicle near Ramallah.

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