“Were You Sad or Were You Happy?”. The Destruction of Syria’s Industrial Heartland


Mark Taliano reporting from Syria
Sheikh Najjar, an industrial city spanning 4,400 hectares, is part of the Industrial heartland of Syria.  Before the war, it accounted for 40% of the country’s GDP.
Western terrorists have targeted Syria’s industrial base since the beginning of the war, stealing what they could, and destroying everything else.
In the video below, a factory owner explained that when Daesh/ISIS was attacking, he kept lights low so his factory wouldn’t be attacked. Janice Kortkamp, leader of the Salam Syria tour rhetorically asked him, for the benefit of disillusioned Western audiences,

“So when the city was liberated, were you sad or were you happy?”

Source: Mario Heineman Jaillet
The destruction of a country’s industrial base is part of the Imperial Dirty Game. The industrial collapse  drastically devalued the Syrian currency, it disemployed 50,000 workers, and it strengthened economies of plunder and terrorism.
All of the pre-planned Death and Destruction are Imperial Success Stories.  The “Dirty Games” are pre-planned War Crimes.

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