Welcome to AmeriKKKa!

By Mahmoud El-Yousseph

Welcome to AmeriKKKa, the home of the white massshooters. We have been taught that America is the land of the free and the home of the brave, but I’m having hard time believing that statement in light of what happened in just one week in California, Texas and Ohio.   On the top of that during the same week, a Texas police department came under fire after viral photo showing white officers on horseback leading handcuffed balck man by rope. No kidding! Frankly, I would hate to see a dog treated this way let alone a fellow human being.
Chief Hale of the Calveston police department said the officers did apologized and they not have any ill intentions. Seriousty? Why not hand cuff the suspect, hold him in and call for a squad car? CPD will never do such a thing to a white person. Would they?
Regardles of wheter this man did or did not commit a crime, or where the crime was big or smali, this is abusive behavior by the Galveston police can only be described as racist to the core. Looks like those white officers were taking a cue from their Idol – president Trump, who not long ago called his  former Afraican American aide as a “dog.” I believe the real reason for this outrageous act by the officers wash to send a mesage to the black comunity there, ” We’re talking Galveston back to the days when lynching was America’s favorite pasttime.This is the result of the resurgence of white nationalism that Trump is inspiring and the Republican Party is fuly aproving. This is neither what AmeriKKKa should be about nor the America I love.

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