We shouldn’t be surprised about Trump’s victory

Andrew Korybko

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  1. What struck me the most about this Presidential election campaign, was a complete lack of actual policy by the contestants. It was like watching two clowns ‘splooshing’ custard pies into each others face every day, while NO DETAIL as to HOW each one was going to change America for the better. It looked like a ‘Live’ reality show.

    The release of emails by WikiLeaks also showed that Hillary cannot be trusted to act with integrity. How the FBI decided that she had no case to answer(for not securing her emails) is beyond me.
    And, really, when a Presidential candidate has to use celebrities to somehow give her ‘credibility’ is an insult to the intelligence of the American people.

    Let’s face it, Hillary is a dud, who was relying on her dubious record, and an ex President for a husband, who’s credibility went down the toilet years ago……..

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