We Reject Imperialist Intervention in Venezuela


We Reject Imperialist Intervention in Venezuela and Condemn Reactionary Violence


The events currently taking place in Venezuela show signs of interference from North American imperialism and the imperialist states of the European Union, as well as the intervention of the Organization of American States (OAS) and the reactionary governments of Latin America. They lay bare for the world to see the use of reactionary violence organized by the oligarchs and forces of reaction, who intend to restore their privileges and end the social development of the first stages of the so-called “Bolivarian Revolution.”

Yankee imperialism does not tolerate the Venezuelan government’s efforts to recuperate losses from exploited petroleum or the Chinese government’s interference in their economy, and has in turn intensified its campaign to regain and expand its interests in the exploitation of oil, natural resources, and the broader Venezuelan market.

This political and social confrontation has spilled out onto the streets and has drawn to the fight millions of youth and working class folks, people of varying social stratum, the police and military, and – on behalf of the bourgeoisie opposition – lumpen elements acting as mercenaries.

The Maduro government has demonstrated its inability to respond to the most urgent needs of Venezuelans, to create what they themselves refer to as “indigenous development”; The inefficiency of its administration and its conciliatory posturing with corporations has allowed for a shortage of food, medicine, and basic hygiene products. It has given room for criminal gangs to expand while they continue to threaten security. It has allowed for the tremendous growth of external debt and has opened the nation up to Chinese and Russian imperialism. While corruption remains entrenched at the top levels of government, Venezuela suffers from economic crisis that worsens daily. It creates both unemployment and hunger, and provokes inflation that currently exceeds 700 percent, bringing with it a recurring devaluation of currency.

These circumstances are being used by the forces of reaction and imperialism to manipulate the ideology and politics of hundreds of people in opposition to “Bolivarianism,” who demand the resignation of Maduro and are currently calling for early elections.

These violent confrontations, which grow in intensity every day, are a measure of the ongoing political crisis and threaten to resolve themselves in favor of the imperialists, the oligarchy, and the forces of reaction. We have held in the past that in Venezuela there is no social revolution, that Venezuela is not building socialism, and that the established political economy there has not developed beyond basic democratic transformation. These circumstances are based in material reality. The Venezuelan working class craves change and the benefits of socialism, which the “Bolivarian revolution” has yet to deliver on. And the “socialism of the 21st century” has tempered their expectations so much so that they can be won over with greater numbers to the right.

The advanced sections of the working class, the legitimate Leftist forces, the supporters of democracy, the revolutionaries, and the Marxist-Leninist Venezuelans, are building an alternative for the good of both the present and the future of the working class and the masses. They face tremendous challenges that make the development of this process very difficult, but are fundamentally taking the correct course and will, sooner rather than later, lead the struggle for revolution and socialism that will inevitably triumph.

The events which have transpired in Venezuela demonstrate, once again, that populism and reformism do not constitute responses to the demands of the masses for real change. They prove that the “Bolivarian Revolution” and “21st Century Socialism” cannot break the chains of capitalist exploitation and imperialist domination. In Venezuela and across the globe, now and throughout history, we see populism and reformism are expressions of one section or another of the ruling class that ultimately support the capitalist system.

The Marxist-Leninists reaffirm our position; Proletarian revolution and socialism are the only path towards social justice, freedom, and democracy for the workers of the world, that the working class alone can achieve its liberation, and that with working class liberation comes the liberation of humanity.

The Coordinating Committee of the International Conference of Marxist- Leninist Parties and Organizations and the Meeting of Marxist-Leninist Parties of Latin America, reject imperialist intervention from the United States (which includes the threat of economic blockade), the European Union, and the complicit reactionary governments of Latin America. We condemn the reactionary violence of the oligarchy and the right. We proclaim that the problems of Venezuela should be resolved by the Venezuelan people, for the good of the working class and the masses.

We give our solidarity and support to the working class and the masses, the supporters of democracy, the antifascists, the legitimate Leftists and revolutionaries, and with the revolutionary proletarians organized by the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Venezuela (PCLMV); We extend solidarity to the organizations involved in the Popular Front and the union of social, political, and Leftist forces integrated into the People’s Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Union.

Quito, July 2017




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