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Too much is at stake this November 2nd



Last Saturday, on 10-2-10, over 170,000 people gathered at the base of the Lincoln Memorial to show the country that there are other Americans besides Tea Partiers who are turning out for the November elections. 

Our USAction supporters were there in full force — including our friends at Citizen Action New York, who shared with us a report back on the rally. We thought we’d share it with you.

I took my daughter to Washington, DC on Saturday for the One Nation Working Together march for jobs, justice and education. Seeing DC and the march through the eyes of a 13 year old woke me up.As Rachel saw the Capitol, the White House and the Washington Monument for the first time, her sense of wonder woke me out of my cynicism. When we stood inside the Lincoln Memorial, awed by the statue and the Gettysburg address carved on the wall, I felt the weight of history, and the energy of hope.

Enough of Glenn Beck and the Tea Party – we can beat their hate and fear with hope and love, and we have no choice but to do it. Our kids are counting on us.

      – Karen Scharff, Citizen Action New York

They are indeed, Karen. Which is why we’re launching 10-2-10 — because too much is at stake in November and as Karen said, our kids are counting on us.

We’re asking for folks like you to give $10 today. $10 to help jumpstart this effort to make sure people know: We can’t walk away. November is too important and we could lose all that we’ve fought for over the last two years.Help start us off on the right foot. Chip in $10 today!

Next, we’ll ask folks to find two, just two, friends or family who will help do the work it takes to make sure our elected leaders hear us as they head into election season. Lastly, we’ll ask folks to go the extra mile and give 10 volunteer hours to your local community, in whatever way you feel helps most.

But today is part one: chipping in $10 to get this effort going.

We can’t afford to walk away now. Can you chip in $10 today?

Thank you for all that you do,

Drew Hudson
TrueMajority // USAction

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