Washington Wants Its Imperial Model Replicated in Libya

From: Mathaba

Stephen Lendman: “Washington ran NATO’s imperial war against Libya to colonize, occupy and plunder another vassal state. Democracy and humanitarian considerations are non-starters. Only wealth and power matters.”

by Stephen Lendman

Libyans will be ruthlessly exploited. Decades of vital social gains are lost. NATO, the American-European military alliance turned Libya into a charnel house. Tens of thousands of corpses bear testimony.

Major media scoundrels lied about war objectives from inception. Now they cheer-lead ravaged Libya’s success. Correspondents there see one thing and report another. They make pimps, prostitutes and dope peddlers look respectable in comparison.

Peaceful nonbelligerent Libya was ravaged, raped, and devastated. Many thousands became homeless refugees.

Impoverishment and misery afflicts them. Kosovars, Iraqis, Afghans, and others know it’s coming wherever NATO shows up. Only sustained liberating struggles can change things. Libyans are committed for the long haul to achieve it.

On October 30, Mathaba headlined, Libyan Freedom Fighters vow to fight on against NATO and its rebels,” saying:

NATO’s “war is far from over.” In fact, it just began. In Tripoli, Bani Walid, and other cities, Libyans are committed to live free and restore direct democratic Jamahiriya government.

“Enraged by the acts of retribution by the NATO-rebels, tribesmen say their men are already trying to regroup into a new insurgency movement in and around the strategic desert” area south of Tripoli.

“The Warfalla men of Tripoli and elsewhere are sending around text messages, saying:”

“We need to gather and do something about this. Let’s gather! Let’s gather!”

Home-based in Bani Walid, Warfalla’s Libya’s largest tribe and most influential with around one-sixth of the population. Their members are everywhere across the country. They reject NATO colonization, occupation, plunder and enslavement.

Like Sirte, Bani Walid was ravaged. Both cities resemble ghost towns after thousands fled NATO terror bombing and indiscriminate rebel rat shelling. However, people are slowly returning, “only to discover that many family homes had been ruined. There is still no water and electricity.”

Angry tribesmen vow to fight back to the death. On October 29, Mathabadiscussed what they lost headlining, 16 Things Libya Will Never See Under NATO-Rebel Regime,” listing benefits Gaddafi provided, including:

•    government-supplied electricity, water, and practically free gasoline;

•    interest-free loans from Libya’s state-owned bank;

•    housing as a human right for everyone;

•    newlyweds given $50,000 for their first apartment to help start family life;

•    free education and healthcare;

•    literacy raised from 25% in 1969 to 83% – higher than in America;

•    farmers given free land, equipment, seeds and livestock;

•    state subsidies to study abroad and receive specialized medical treatment if not available at home;

•    half the cost of new car purchases;

•    gasoline at $0.14 per liter;

•    no state debt or banker occupation;

•    average professional salaries paid graduates unable to find employment in their fields until finding jobs;

•    sharing a portion of Libya’s oil wealth with everyone, credited to personal bank accounts;

•    mothers giving birth given $5,000;

•    subsidized food, including 40 loaves of bread for $0.15;

•    one-fourth of Libyans are college graduates; and

•    Gaddafi’s Great Man-Made River system made the desert bloom to supply water to households and for agriculture.

Thanks to NATO, it’s all gone. Libyans lost everything, many of them their lives, other lost loved ones. Their liberating struggle’s committed to regain all they can. They’ll never accept NATO depravity. They’ll live again free or die.

Transitional National Council (TNC) leaders are “increasingly coming under diplomatic pressure. Both the Pan African Parliament and the African Union” want an “all inclusive” government formed. Infighting, however, prevents inclusiveness. For example, Misrata rebel rats refuse to turn in weapons to Libya’s new Ministry of Defense.

NATO’s war falls far short of successful. Jamahiriya loyalists attacked Tripoli’s international airport. Heavy fighting shattered calm across the city. Resistance in other areas continues. Major media reports suppress it, falsely claiming NATO won.

Nonetheless, territory shifts back and forth repeatedly. Urban warfare “changes from one minute to the other.” However, “resistance is reportedly strong.”

NATO claims Operation Unified Protector ends 23.59PM October 31. Its campaign came to Libya to stay, not leave. Only its name will change.

Libya’s liberating struggle didn’t end. It just began. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi vows to lead it. Reports about surrendering to International Criminal Court (ICC) imperial control are misguided and false.

Stay tuned. More updates will follow.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at [email protected].

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