Washington Post: Trump is crazy


What should we do with psychopaths in the White House? Lock them up. Indefinitely.

…by Jonas E. Alexis

We all know that the Washington Post is a Zionist outlet. But the Post has recently published something which does make some sense. Trump, the Postargued, has bombed Syria, pretending to save lives and stop the use of chemical weapons.
But by bombing Syria, Trump has destabilized the lives of the average Syrian. If those Syrians happen to move to a different country—such as America—Trump would walk to the political podium and start talking nonsense. He would be saying crazy things like America needs to tighten up on immigration.[1]
Right after the alleged Paris terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015, Trump declared that America needed to ban all Muslims from entering the country “until we figured out what the hell is going on.”[2]
But do Muslims get to ask ‘what the hell is going on” as well? Do they have the right to ask why America is incessantly bombing their countries for Israel? And as columnist Peter Hitchens of the Daily Mail has recently argued, how is Trump really helping the situation in Syria by bombing the country?[3] Why didn’t he start presenting for evidence? Why didn’t he call for a peaceful resolution? Why was he in a hurry to bomb a sovereign country?
Political whore Nikki Haley has recently said that the United States is not living Syria “until we know we have accomplished those things.” One of those things, said Haley, is that the Islamic State, commonly known as ISIs or IS, must be defeated completely. Haley is obviously a complete retard.
Once again, Assad has been fighting the Islamic States since the beginning of the Syrian war, and now this woman is telling all the world that the United States is fighting the Islamic State by fighting Assad! Is she that dumb? Or does she really believe that much of the world is that dumb?
It seems that the Israeli ideology is so engrained in Haley, Trump and other White House puppets that they cannot think for themselves at all. It is really sad and pathetic because those people know better. It is even more interesting that right after the United States bombed Syria, hundreds of Syrians began to rally their support for the Assad government.[4]
So, what should we do with psychopaths in the White House? Lock them up. Indefinitely.

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