Was the ’67 Borders remark merely a deliberate distraction?



Was Obama Really Biting the Hand that Controls him?

by Ian Mosley

Obama seems to have upset the “Chosen Ones”. Not a smart move for someone who’s little more than a puppet in the grand scheme of things.

The Wall Street Journal reports: “Jewish donors and fund-raisers are warning the Obama re-election campaign that the president is at risk of losing financial support because of concerns about his handling of Israel. The complaints began early in President Barack Obama’s term, centered on a perception that Mr. Obama has been too tough on Israel. Some Jewish donors say Mr. Obama has pushed Israeli leaders too hard to halt construction of housing settlements in disputed territory, a longstanding element of U.S. policy. Some also worry that Mr. Obama is putting more pressure on the Israelis than the Palestinians to enter peace negotiations, and say they are disappointed Mr. Obama has not visited Israel yet.”

The hapless Obama is probably terrified to visit Israel. I would not be surprised if the Israeli military shot down Air Force One on its final approach and then gave some lame excuse that it was an “accident” (much like the USS Liberty incident) or perhaps they’d try to blame it on the Palestinians.

The WSJ article goes on: “One top Democratic fund-raiser, Miami developer Michael Adler, said he urged Obama campaign manager Jim Messina to be extremely proactive in countering the perception in the Jewish community that Mr. Obama is too critical of Israel. The Obama campaign has asked Penny Pritzker, Mr. Obama’s 2008 national finance chairwoman, to talk with Jewish leaders about their concerns.”

So, let me get this straight. Obama is supposed to be “anti-Israel,” but the Israeli Rahm Emanuel pretty much ran the White House for the first two years of his presidency.

The Jews lobby demand nothing less than total subservience to them personally and to their agenda. As re-election time draws near, Obama is starting to kick at the traces a bit in an effort to “get back to his base,” including the Bush-hating liberal left.

Now Barry feels compelled to make some naughty noises at Israel in order to “shore up his base” and get the lefties to work for his re-election, but the Jews don’t even allow that much independence to a puppet they installed in the White House at a cost of half a billion dollars.

Obama has not done one thing to undo anything that Bush did. He hasn’t withdrawn from Iraq or Afghanistan, he hasn’t closed Guantanamo Bay, he backed down on a legal trial for some Muslim who was accused of being the “mastermind” behind 9/11. (I thought the “mastermind” behind 9/11 was supposed to be Osama Bin Laden, but they never can keep their stories straight about that day.)

There is one other possibility aside from pandering to the far left. Obama might be deliberately stirring up a hornet’s nest to draw attention away from his birth certificate. The announcement of the death of bin Laden took the public’s attention off that nine-layer pdf document, that Obama trotted out, for a couple weeks. Was Obama so desperate to prolong the distraction that he would risk angering the Israeli Lobby? It sure looks that way. Perhaps Obama gave Netanyahu a heads up that it was all show and that he really didn’t mean it.

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