War Propaganda 101


Propaganda 101: This fine illustration by Edward Kinsella accompanies a classic demonization piece in the current Wall Street Journal.
This sort of political marketing is designed to create a public enemy of the state as a pretext to a military action against a foreign power.
The illustration is a parody of a Hitler campaign poster and is obviously meant to compare Putin to the literal poster boy of evil. The irony is that this article itself is using Nazi tactics to stir public emotions. 

Perennial warmonger, John McCain is the author of this ham-fisted hit piece. The globalists have been trying for a time to portray Russia as a menace to world stability as an argument to have nations surrender their sovereignty to a higher global power. Paul Joseph Goebbels was a German Nazi politician and Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany. He would be proud of this War Street Journal article.

Anthony Freda is a frequent contributor to Global Research

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