War on terror is actually more of a war on Islam, I$raHell enemies


War on Terror or War on Islam

“The United States using terrorism while pretending to fight against it,” American author and Islamic Studies expert, Dr. Kevin Barrett, told Habilian Association. Following is the text of interview.

What do you think of US claims of fighting against terrorism and the fact that terrorists are now freely moving in your country?

Not just moving freely, they are the ones who are feeding the fake documents to try to implicate Iran’s nuclear program. Like MEK, they are running around America working with Mossad feeding documents to the White House. And it’s a terrorist group. It’s disgusting.

What can this group, the MEK, do to the US that enjoys the support of US government?

They are extreme communists. They are so extreme that they make the revolutionary communist groups in the west look very very tame. So it’s just completely disgusting and obscene that the America government is working with groups like this and with the Israelis who are partner with this group. I have a hard time understanding who are these MEK people, what do they want. I met a woman who was married to somebody who had some relation with MEK. She just had very superficial brainwashed views of Iran that she’d gotten through her husband. I honestly do not understand what those people think that they are doing with this extreme terrorism. I suppose there was a falling out after the revolution but now that group just has been killing for the sake of killing, it’s working with Zionists for the most destructive motives. They’re the ones who are working with MEK and then the American Administration just goes along with it because the Zionists have so much power. The white house and specially congress are completely captured now by the Zionists. September 11th was a Zionist coup d’état. So there has been a neoconservative Zionist regime behind the scenes in power since then.

One of the US congressmen has demanded the US government airlift some 2800 MKO members in Iraq in order to protect them. What do you think of this?

Yes, they have a lobby in the United States and I think they are primarily supported by the Zionists and I think there is money behind them. The Zionists have so much power in the United States that they can force the United States Government and specially some of these politicians to take these positions. So this congressman has probably getting a lot of money from Zionists for saying these ridiculous things.

What is behind the US policy of supporting terrorist groups against a country while it brags to fight terrorism in the world?

Because it’s otherly amoral and hypocritical. The war on Terror is a farce, it’s a deception. Terrorism has been created as an enemy image and the so-called war on terror is actually more of a war on Islam and war on Israel’s enemies. That’s what it really is and it’s really a war of terror. But this is in the beginning of the US using terrorism while pretending to fight against it. According to the book by Chomsky and André Vltchek “On Western Terrorism” between 55 and 60 million people have been killed around the world by American terrorism since World War II. So there’s just a massive hypocrisy and you might ask how can it be so hypocritical? That’s because they can get away with it. They have no real moral values. So whoever has the money rules and there are forces with money that want to pursue these policies and in the long run it’s going to fail. They can’t run a country this way forever.


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