War and the Battle for Middle East Oil

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‘Attention Must be Paid’ to the Sufferings of the Palestinian People

By James J. Zogby, October 30, 2019

With mass protests roiling Lebanon and Iraq, unsettling developments in Syria and Yemen, and the latest episode of the continuing soap opera that calls itself Israeli politics, little attention is being given to the plight of the Palestinians. One consequence of this neglect is that both Israel and US President Donald Trump’s administration feel they have been given a free hand to accelerate the oppression of the beleaguered Palestinian people.

Who Was the “Bigger Terrorist”: Al-Baghdadi or Osama Bin Laden?

By Nauman Sadiq, October 30, 2019

As a Saudi citizen and belonging to the powerful Saudi-Yemeni clan of the Bin Ladens, which has business interests all over the Middle East, Osama bin Laden was almost a royalty. He had so much clout even in the governments of Middle Eastern countries that he was treated like a “royal guest” by Pakistan’s military at the behest of the Saudi royal family for five years from 2006 right up to his death in 2011.

“We’re Keeping the Oil” says Trump: Military Conflict Between Russia and the US Looms in Northeast Syria

By Steven Sahiounie, October 30, 2019

U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper explained in a press conference Tuesday, that a new U.S. force will be stationed in eastern Syria to protect the oil fields.  Barbara Starr, CNN’s Pentagon reporter, pressed Esper on whether the US military mission there will be to prevent the Russian or the Syrian government forces from accessing the oil at Deir Ez Zor.  Esper was forced to admit that the mission was designed to prevent the oil, and revenues generated, from being used by any group other than the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), otherwise referred to as the Kurdish militia who had been US allies in the fight to defeat ISIS.

Beirut Is Burning: Rebellion Against the Elites Has Commenced

By Andre Vltchek, October 30, 2019

So far, the rebellion has left countless people injured, while two Syrian immigrants lost their lives. Some local analysts say that this is the most serious uprising since the one in 2015 (which included the “You Stink!” campaign, reacting to the appalling garbage crises in Beirut and to the worsening social disaster), but others, including this author, are convinced that this is actually the most serious political catastrophe Lebanon has been facing since the 1980’s.

Fake Narratives as Cover for High Crimes. The Al Baghdadi ISIS-Daesh “Fairytale”

By Mark Taliano, October 30, 2019

The political spectacles, the transparent war lies, the fake narratives, obscure foundational issues. The Right to Self-Determination is foundational to International Law. Syria has every right to take any and all necessary measures to regain ITS OWN OIL FIELDS. Washington has ZERO rights to steal the oil. Syria did not EVER invite Washington and its allies like Canada to impose a REGIME CHANGE war. The Charter of the United Nations prioritizes the right of nations to determine their own, self-directed political economies.

War on Syria

Syria: The Launch of a Constitutional Committee – A Sign of Hope for Syrian People

By Peter Koenig and Press TV, October 30, 2019

The Constitutional Committee —- is a good initiative, of course. And as Mr. Pederson says, “Syrians, not outsiders, will draft the constitution. And the Syrian people must popularly approve it.”– This is an absolute must. But we should not forget – and I do not think this is a coincidence, that President Trump just decided to leave troops in Syria – under whatever pretext is unimportant. And I do not think that he wants to either protect nor steel Syrian oil. What he wants is remaining with a sizable – and flexible – military presence in Syria.

Yemen and The Militarization of Strategic Waterways

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, October 30, 2019

The article sheds light on America’s unspoken military agenda: the control over strategic waterways. In the last two years the island of Socotra (which belongs to Yemen) has been taken over by the UAE. In May 2018, acting as a US proxy, the UAE established a military base on the island, seizing control of both Socotra’s airport and seaport. It is unlikely that the UAE will be able to maintain their position on Socotra.

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