Wake Up America: Helmet Cam Shows SWAT Taser Man to Death During No-Knock Raid


“Nobody is listening to the cries in the house that he’s not fighting you. He just can’t breathe.”

FORT WORTH — The family of a man who died after being shocked with a Taser says police video shows the man did not resist.

The raid by Fort Worth police in May 2013 was captured by helmet cameras worn by officers. Lawyers for the family of Jermaine Darden obtained the video and released it to News 8.

Fort Worth officers came with a “no knock” warrant after undercover cocaine buys at the home last year. They wanted surprise in case anyone inside was armed.

There were several people in the little house on Thannisch Avenue, including children. Jermaine Darden, 34, was kneeling on a couch, and may have been sleeping.


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