DECEMBER 14, 2010

“It’s not all jews.” That’s the inevitable refrain that will be heard from jewish sycophants in discussions of the latest zionist crimes against humanity that are so horrific that they get peoples’ attention despite the best efforts of our jewish mainstream media. What jewish sycophants mean when they utter this well worn refrain is that the majority of jews are not zionists. But this is a conditioned notion not based on empirical evidence.
Those that utter this refrain just assume that it’s true without the least thought that it may not be. In fact it isn’t true. In fact the very opposite is true. Most jews are zionists, i.e., they believe in the need for and support the concept of a jewish [apartheid] state. All jewish sycophants [i.e. naïve Americans] would have to do to prove or disprove this notion is to begin asking jews within their orbits of existence what they think about jews having a jewish state. If they would do this, I can almost guarantee that they’d find out that virtually all the jews that they talk to are in indeed zionists.
And if they happen to have any jewish friends, who they assume aren’t zioinists, they can include them in the mix. Yes, even the peace activists ones. They must believe zionism can be had nicely. Heck, even well known jewish altruists like Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstien and Jennifer Lowenstein [local to Wisconsinites], who are commonly held up as jewish “anti-zionist” saints, are in fact zionists.
It is safer to assume that a jew is a zionist until proven otherwise.
I highly encourage people to get to know jews in order to dispel this conditioned notion that most jews aren’t zionists. Because when jewish sycophants say ‘it’s not all jews’, they’re denying that virtually all jews, through virtually every jewish organization lend to the zionist agenda, and are in fact serving to cover for a very real jewish tyranny we as Americans are all living under.
And when jewish sycophants like “truth jihadist” Kevin Barret constantly grovels on his radio show that he’s not “anti-Semitic” or an “anti-Semite,” and he asserts that people like John Kaminski are, meaning they’re bigots, for telling the real truth of things, they are themselves supporting real bigotry, i.e., zionism: jewish supremacsim, jewish exceptionalism, jewish apartheid.
Kaminski is not alone in telling the ugly turth of things regarding jews, many decent, famous people, Martin Luther among them, have had first hand experiences with them and tried to tell the general population of the ugly nature of jewry, only to be tagged with the bigoted label of anti-Semiticsm that Barret and other naïve jewish sycophants unwittingly lend their support to by so flippantly throwing it about as they do.
I know it’s not such an easy matter for Americans to find jews to befriend and talk to in order to find out for themselves that the overwhelming majority of jews are in fact zionists, because despite their inordinate power and influence in the affairs of our country, they are few and far between in number, and because they are generally a cryptic and isolationist group of people. This, and the fact that they control our mainstream media, is also the reason this notion that the majority of jews aren’t zionists is so easily maintained.
Because it is not such an easy matter for most Americans to find jews to talk to and befriend, I encourage them to go visit the forum, which is a site that is moderated by and mostly populated by mainstream, liberal, American jews. There gentile Americans can go and talk to mainstream jews about Israel, zionism, what’s happening to the Palestinians, etc. But be forewarned before you go. They don’t like to talk about these things. You’ll have to bring those matters up yourself. And they won’t be warmly received.
Bartcop is where I discovered the truth that virtually all jews are indeed zionists. That’s where I learned to think of myself as a gentile. I never did that until the jews there made me cognizant of it. And that’s also where I became disgusted with the sense of justice of mainstream jews, or more accurately stated, their lacking sense of justice.
After you’ve visited the people at bartcop a while, and hopefully raised the matters I’ve mentioned above, you can tell them RickB sent you. But don’t tell them that up front. You may get kicked out before you have a chance to talk to them much.
P.S. Following are additional musings on this topic:
1) Do the overwhelming majority of jewish organizations in this country support zionism? Yes, most likcly.
Are they for the most part inculcating their followers with paranoia and supremacism, while naïve gentiles are taught that there’s no difference between us, that it doesn’t matter whether a person is jewish or ont? Yes, most likely!
2) Are any of our “mainstream” jewish congress people anti-zionists? No, not likely?
3) Apart from the crazy, marginalized Naturei Karta guys, who are Talmudists (and we know what that means: gentiles are speaking cattle), do you detect any zionist/anti-zionist schism in the jewish community? I don’t either. 
4) Of all the jews that appear in our living rooms daily through our televisions, in virtually every scenario (news, sports, sitcoms, cooking shows) how many are anti-zionists? If there were a significant amount of “mainstream” jews that are anti-zionists, I think we’d see here some of that sentimentality slip out. 
5) Are any of our mainstream jewish media pundits [Olberman, Maddow, etc.] anti-zionists? No, they aren’t?
6) All mainstream jewish corporate bosses, support the “war on terror,” i.e, the zionist agenda. A reflection of this can be seen in the fact that .all of our major sports leagues, which are controlled by jews, are enthusiastically supporting the war on terror.
7) And sports fans, jews also dominate the sports media industry. It seems as a general rule that all the white sports journalists are jewish [Bob Costas, Al Michaels, Chris Berman, Mike Greenberg (of the popular Mike & Mike morning sports show)], unless they’re a former coach for player. So when you’re watching any game of any sport, the geeky white guy that’s not a former athlete is very likely to be jewish. Why should the sport industry be different from any other segment of our lives?
Note: In your personal investigation of whether most jews are zoinist or not, keep in mind that many zionist jews don’t think of themselves as zionists because they think zionists are only the most rabid and embarrassing bigoted of the zionists. They have no idea that believing in the need for and right to have a jewish state (and think that they can have jewish apartheid nicely makes them zionists. So you can’t just take their word for whether they’re zionists or not. Ask them if they believe jews should have and have the right to have a jewish state.

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