Nazi Fear, Death and Destruction for Palestinian Children in Gaza Nazi Death Camp’s


Hardly God’s work is it! God’s chosen would help and nurture life not destroy it! Years of deprivation, displacement, occupation, war and the violent loss of loved ones have left children and adults traumatised.

MAP’s working to provide workshops, training, activities and ongoing support, designed to help children and adults to manage stress and anxiety helping them feel more in control of their lives.

MAP works for the health and dignity of Palestinians living under occupation and as refugees.

Established in the aftermath of the massacre at Sabra and Shatila, today MAP delivers health and medical care to those worst affected by conflict, occupation and displacement. Working in partnership with local health providers and hospitals, MAP addresses a wide range of health issues and challenges faced by the Palestinian people. With offices located in Beirut, Ramallah and Gaza City, MAP responds rapidly in times of crisis, and works directly with communities in the longer term on health development.


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