Video proves Merah was encouraged by French agent: Father

Mohammed Benalal Merah, the father of alleged shooter Mohammed Merah

Press TV

The father of France’s suspected killer, Mohammed Merah, says he is in possession of videos which prove his son travelled to Pakistan, Iraq and Syria encouraged by a French security services agent.

French prosecutors on Tuesday made a formal request to the father’s lawyers to have access to the videos showing Mohammed Merah shortly before he was shot by police, AFP reported. 

According to prosecutors, they are seeking the videos as part of an investigation into the murder suit filed by Merah’s father, Mohammed Benalal Merah over his son’s death. 

On March 22, the 23-year-old Mohammed, was killed after the French security forces laid a 30-hour-plus-long siege on the place where he had been holed up. Authorities claim he had admitted to having links to al-Qaeda before his death, about which there are conflicting reports. 

Mohammed was suspected of killing a rabbi and his 3 and 6-year-old sons in a shooting spree at a Jewish school in Toulouse. The school principal’s 10-year-old daughter was also killed in the incident that left a fifth person injured. 

The recent development comes as an Algerian newspaper published what it said was transcription of the videos. 

“I am innocent. I am discovering that my best friend Zouheir works for French secret services,” Merah allegedly said in the video shot as Zouheir was among a group of people trying to convince Merah to surrender. 

“You sent me to Iraq, to Pakistan and to Syria to help Muslims. And in the end you reveal yourself as a criminal and a captain in the French services. I would never have believed it,” Merah reportedly said. 

On Monday, Merah’s father launched a law suit against French police who shot his son dead, saying that they had killed the 23-year-old on purpose, instead of arresting him alive. 

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