Fake COVID-19 Data, Erroneous Death Figures

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By Lesley Kushner

Global Research,

This incisive video by Lesley Kushner explains how the CDC COVID-19 figures are manipulated.

Presumptive vs. Confirmed Cases

According to the CDC the data presented for the United States include both “confirmed” and “presumptive” positive cases of COVID-19 reported to the CDC or tested at CDC labs.

The presumptive (PC) and confirmed cases (CC) are lumped together.  And the total number (PC + CC ) constitutes the basis for establishing the data for COVID-19 infection. It’s like adding apples and oranges. The total figure (PC+CC) categorized as “Total cases” is meaningless. And there often no lab report. The figures do not measure positive COVID-19 Infection. And among those “total cases” are “recovered cases”.

Fake Death Certificates. 

“Presumed” or “Contributed” is to be put on the Death Certificate, when there is absolutely no proof that COVID19 was the cause of death, nor was there a lab test indicating COVID-19 positive.  (M. Ch. Editor)


Spinning Fear and Panic Across America. Analysis of COVID-19 Data

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