Utopia as a Political Means of Not Sinking into Passivity and Resignation

In Times of Social Crisis

By Dr. Rudolf Hänsel

Global Research,

Conspiracy Theory

Over 500 years ago Thomas Morus, English statesman and humanist scholar, wrote the philosophical dialogue “Utopia”. As a small island state, “Utopia” – Greek for “Nowhere” or “Non-place” – is a counter-model to contemporary England and a cure for a decaying society. If nothing helps anymore, so the message of “Utopia”, then it helps to approach things radically differently. An understandable thought. Is this radical step not also on the agenda today? Imagine that there were courageous statesmen who knew that their generals and the military were behind them and who really cared about the well-being of humanity. Together they could still “spit in the soup” of the satanic cabal in their war against humanity and start to bring a humane society on the way.

Thomas Morus’ ideal society “Utopia”

The first publication of Morus’s description of an “ideal” – but very distant – society took place at the instigation of the famous humanist Erasmus of Rotterdam in Leuven (Belgium) in 1516. The novel by the Renaissance author had the subtitle “Of the best condition of the state or of the new island Utopia.”It describes a society based on rational principles of equality, hard work and the pursuit of education with democratic principles. All property in this republic is common. There is religious freedom and tolerance. Everyone loves peace, abhors war as something quite “bestial”, but ultimately does not abolish it. Furthermore, the model state “Utopia” has totalitarian features.India’s “Playing Hard to Get” with America by Letting the AIIB Fund China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)

Thomas Morus bases his work on Plato (Politeia), Aristotle, Cicero and other scholars before him. The book was so formative that from then on any novel depicting an invented positive society was called a utopia or utopian novel. In times of social crisis, a utopia can also be a political means of not sinking into passivity and resignation (Robert Jungk).

What radical step would be taken today?

Shouldn’t first of all the corrupt and rotten “elite” or the “establishment” or the “Deep State” with all its satanic practices such as child abuse be taken off their hinges and their protagonists never be allowed to take control again? Ironically, President Donald Trump announced something similar in his Inauguration Speech? But can you trust him?

The questions and problems of humanity must be answered or solved in a consensual manner for the benefit of all. The current wars had to be stopped and new ones prevented. All spiritual forces are to be employed for the question of how man can learn to live together in peace with other people.

It would be the task of a future state to refrain from everything that would affect the dignity of a human being. And this human dignity must be overpositive law, that is, Natural Law. The state, the governance and the laws of a state must at all times be critically measured against this natural law. (See “NRhZ” No. 741: “Autonomy and Natural Law”)

The current economic system is not based on the Community principle; only a small stratum of super-rich people is favoured, while most citizens and, increasingly, young people are at the mercy of the fluctuating economy, economic crises and unemployment. What is needed are reform proposals that embody the Community spirit and help to remove the barriers between people. “Swords to ploughshares” was the motto of many thinkers; means: change from war economy to peace economy. Above all, the financial economy, which has developed a parasitic character, must again be oriented towards the common good.

Ubiquitous striving for domination and power poisons our living together. Therefore, the human sense of community and the spirit of responsibility should end the violence. Cultural development essentially consists in making the voice of human conscience more and more audible. An ethical achievement is the growth of the human sense of community, the knowledge that all people belong together. Humanity would no longer exist if our ancestors had not made community spirit and the feeling of togetherness the leitmotif of their actions. This idea must also permeate the youth. They should steer the world into a different direction.

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