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Inauguration: “Who Would be In Charge If an Attack Hit the Incoming President, Vice President and Congressional Leaders”, Commentary on CNN Report

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CNN has put together a report entitled Who is Survivor at Inauguration.

The CNN report focusses on who would be in charge if the incoming president, vice president and Congressional leaders were the object of a terrorist attack.

While security is in place and there is no specific, credible threat, a quirk in America’s rules for succession raises questions about who would be in charge if an attack hit the incoming president, vice president and congressional leaders just as the transfer of power gets underway. CNN’s Brian Todd reports.

This CNN report is notoriously “suggestive”. Is it intended to inform US public opinion or does it constitute a rather unsubtle propaganda ploy, which presents a scripted scenario of political assassination at the Inauguration on January 20th?

“Who is the ‘designated survivor’ at inauguration” intimates that the president-elect could be killed?

The report also intimates that if “Disaster” were to occur following the killing of the president, vice president and Congressional leaders, Obama Cabinet Members would so to speak regain control of the White House (see CNN titles below)

What is the purpose of this twisted report which was broadcast live on January 17th, 2017. Is there a hidden agenda?

We invite our readers to view this controversial CNN report. You can comment on the Global Research Facebook page.

Michel Chossudovsky, GR Editor 

Video CNN, 2017

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