US war on China/Russia targets new multipolar world, sabotages global economy: Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega

Analyzing the geopolitical crisis, Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega said the US war on China and Russia is an attack on the new world of “multipolarism,” because “North American imperialism is trying to maintain its hegemony at all costs, even at the risk of sinking its own economy.”

ByBenjamin Norton

US war China Russia multipolar world

In a fiery speech denouncing US imperialism, Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega analyzed the shifting balance of power in the world today. He explained that “a new order is being born in the world that buries imperialism, buries the colonialists, and opens the way to a democracy of nations, a multipolarism that is manifesting itself in various ways.”

But in an attempt to halt this transition to a multipolar world, the United States is waging war on China and Russia, Ortega continued. “North American imperialism is trying to maintain its hegemony at all costs, even at the risk of sinking its own economy,” he said.

The Nicaraguan revolutionary leader argued that “fascism left its roots and is embedded” in parts of the United States and Europe, and they “have the objective of trying to destroy the People’s Republic of China” and the Russian Federation.

The Western “ideologues of imperialism” are “worried,” Ortega added, because “they see the People’s Republic of China providing benefits to the peoples” of Latin America, Africa, and Asia, “and they feel that they are losing the power to keep these peoples enslaved.”

President Ortega made these remarks at a August 2 event marking the anniversary of the Nicaraguan Air Force.

He had also made similar comments on July 19, commemorating the 43rd anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution, on which Multipolarista reported.

The Nicaraguan leader’s August 2 speech expanded his geopolitical analysis in greater detail.

Multipolarista has translated excerpts of President Ortega’s speech and published them below.

Ortega noted that we live in a “world that goes from explosion to explosion.” He then continued:

“They are explosions that are part of a birth – a new order is being born in the world that buries imperialism, buries the colonialists, and opens the way to a democracy of nations, a multipolarism that is manifesting itself in various ways.”

“We see the initiatives emerging in different spaces, and on the other hand we see North American imperialism trying to maintain its hegemony at all costs, even at the risk of sinking its own economy.”

“But in the arrogant attitude of feeling that they can still maintain their hegemony, that they can and must defend their hegemony, what they are doing is sinking themselves. They are sinking themselves, and they are causing great harm to the North American people.”

“And with all the sanctions that have been imposed on the Russian Federation, that is waging a just war against fascism, against Nazism, which is entrenched there in the power of the coup-plotters in Ukraine, they are destroying the European economy, and they are liquidating NATO – they are liquidating it with every aggressive action, with the multiple decisions that they have made to try to destroy the Russian Federation.”

“They also have the objective of trying to destroy the People’s Republic of China, because they see them as the two great powers that are already overtaking them, in terms of development, in terms of science, in terms of technology.”

“And they have gone against the Russian Federation, but there is Russia fighting back against fascism. Fascism did not disappear with the fall of the bunker, where the first to arrive were the soldiers of the Red Army, and they planted the flag where the command post of the tyrant Hitler had been.”

“Fascism left its roots and is embedded in some European countries, and it is embedded in North American society, and it is embedded there in Ukraine – yes, a fascist government.”

“And while this situation affects the richest countries, it affects all of humanity, it affects the world economy, but the North American empire does not care, thinking that its strength is so great that it will be able to win by trampling on and destroying the world.”

“And what can clearly be seen is the crazy attitude where we see it (the United States) carrying out aggressions against the People’s Republic of China. What harm has the People’s Republic of China done to the United States? What harm has the People’s Republic of China done to the peoples of the world? What harm has the People’s Republic of China done to the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean, of Africa, of Asia?”

“The same ideologues of imperialism say it, that what worries them is that they see the People’s Republic of China providing benefits to these peoples, and they feel that they are losing the power to keep these peoples enslaved. They say it very clearly, that is, they are annoyed, angry, because the People’s Republic of China is investing billions in Africa, in Asia, in Latin America.”

“They are investments for the development of our peoples. Ah, for them (the United States) that’s bad. But why don’t they do that? Why don’t they bring those investments? Why have they never brought them on the conditions that the People’s Republic of China is bringing them?”

“But it is truly an act of madness that they are attacking the People’s Republic of China, simply because it is a power that is growing, without harming anyone.”

“And they are launching a challenge, a provocation, this morning (August 2), when we see a top representative of the North American state, of the government of the United States, (Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the US House of Representatives), with the arrogant attitude of invasion. It is an act of invasion!”

“That is in the blood of the yankee empire, the practice of invasion. And it says, ‘Here I come! Here I come!’ They feel they have the right to invade, a territory which they know well, because they were part of those agreements and were part of the resolutions that were passed in the United Nations, when they agreed on the existence of just one China.”

“But deep down they did not agree, and the proof is that, we see it now, them launching a provocation. It is a provocation, because it is a power like the United States invading, entering with its official plane, one of the highest authorities of the North American state entering, because she decided so, and because the government of the United States itself is endorsing and applauding it.”

“She (Pelosi) is logically part of the government, from which she flew with her plane, sure that the People’s Republic of China was not going to do what they do, to drone strike them to destroy the plane. Because they are used to launching drone strikes everywhere, killing.”

“They launched a drone strike against our brother Nicolás Maduro there in Venezuela, during a ceremony where they were going to strike all the ministers, officials, army commanders who were with Nicolás presiding over the ceremony. That was them (the United States).”

“And now they are launching drone strikes again in Afghanistan, and boasting that they launched a drone strike where they killed a leader they describe as a terrorist. After they left, fleeing Afghanistan, after they signed agreements right there that this practice was going to end, now they come and they need blood in the current conditions, so they launch the drone strike, and the cowboy comes out boasting.”

“And as I was saying, they sent the plane knowing that the brothers of the People’s Republic of China are not terrorists, and they were not going to shoot down that plane, or strike it with a drone.”

“It is an act of arrogance, of trying to reaffirm that they are the hegemonic power, that they continue to be the hegemonic power that is going to destroy the Russian Federation, and is destroying the countries of the European Union, that is destroying the economy, that is destroying trade, that is destroying their possibility of even living. Why? Because winter is coming and heating is needed. In other words, it (the United States) is exposing them to death.”

“And this step that they have taken today, which we have logically condemned, is an act that has no way of characterizing it other than as a crazy act of those who feel that the empire is collapsing. They are the insane acts of people like Hitler, who feel that they have an empire and therefore seek to strengthen their positions by setting off to challenge the People’s Republic of China, to invade. It is an invasion that occurred today. It is an invasion. It is a crime.”

“And we are sure, yes, that the Chinese people have strength, historical intelligence, experience – there, under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, it is there. We are sure that they will know how to provide the correct answer that will further strengthen the People’s Republic of China and will further weaken the hegemony that the US government is trying to maintain at all costs.”

“They have to learn to respect, the United States has to learn to respect all the peoples of the world, if they want them to respect them. Meanwhile, well, the struggle is going to continue.”

“And as I was saying, in the middle of all these explosions of violence that are taking place everywhere on our planet, these economic tensions, tensions around fuels, tensions around food, all the great tensions that there are in these moments in the world, in the middle of all this, here a new world is being formed. A new world is being born. And that new world is going to be a democratic world, where there will be respect between nations, where there will be cooperation between nations, where there will be no threats between nations.”

“I am certain, I am sure, that that world is being built. It is already being forged. And that is the world that is going to bring peace, stability, to humanity.”

“Dear brothers and sisters, dear comrades, let’s continue with our effort, with the tasks that you carry out every day, contributing to the forging of this new world. Our little grain of sand, yes, we are providing it from Nicaragua, contributing to the forging of this new world.”

Ortega emphasizes importance of Latin American integration

In his same speech on August 2, President Daniel Ortega emphasized that Nicaragua’s military, which was re-created after the 1979 Sandinista Revolution that he helped lead, “was born at the clamor of the struggle for self-determination, for independence, for sovereignty,” following “the thought, the example of our General Sandino.”

Ortega used the anniversary event to call for Latin America to unite:

“These are times that call for integration. Today more than ever they call for the integration of Central America, here in Latin America and the Caribbean. And in that process of integration, the path is in the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) and the ALBA (Bolivarian Alliance).”

“The ALBA was the bridge that opened it, inspired by our brother, Commander Hugo Chávez, and by Fidel (Castro), the bridge that was opened with a spirit of solidarity, a spirit of developing collaboration, cooperation, taking into account the imbalances between our countries.”

“At no time was the ALBA considered to be a mercantile project, but rather a project full of humanism, full of solidarity, full of love. And imperialism, logically, did not like that.”

“The ALBA brings benefits to the most impoverished peoples of this region, without any conditions, to Central America as well as to the brothers of the Caribbean, there are so many benefits.”

“Then the Empire tried to destroy ALBA, thus affecting the poorest people of our region, because the empire has not been able to provide the levels of unconditional cooperation that ALBA has provided, that the Bolivarian Revolution has provided to our peoples, even with the empire being a thousand times more powerful in economic terms, in financial terms, than Venezuela, than Cuba.”

How Venezuela helped Nicaragua develop energy infrastructure

In the August 2 anniversary event, President Daniel Ortega praised Venezuela for the “generous attitude” it showed in its Petrocaribe program, which provided energy to Nicaragua at very low prices.

Ortega recalled that, after the Sandinista Front returned to power democratically by winning the 2006 elections, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez helped Nicaragua to develop programs, build power plants, and build infrastructure in order to expand access to electricity in poor and working neighborhoods, which had been abandoned by the right-wing US-backed neoliberal regimes that governed Nicaragua from 1990 until 2007.

“In that moment, Chávez did not ask for guarantees, nor did we sign a contract so that later we would pay them for the plants,” Ortega said.

“No capitalist country, no capitalist government in the world offered us cooperation of that type, not to their neighboring countries, not to the African peoples that had been conquered and enslaved by them,” he added.

“The pro-imperialist capitalists did not worry about investing in energy plants while they were in power in government for 17 years.”

The Nicaraguan president continued: “And here we cannot forget it, we can never forget it, that in the year 2006, when there was a third neoliberal government ruling our country, under the tutelage of the North American government; here illiteracy, poverty, hunger had multiplied; education and healthcare had been privatized; and they had abandoned the public projects that we had been developing since the triumph of the revolution. They were simply governments that thought about the strengthening, the enrichment of a minority.”

“They did not care about the country either,” Ortega said. “The energy service began to disappear in our country. Yes, it is incredible, but the energy service was disappearing because they were making themselves rich at whatever cost. They did not invest in the field of energy. And already in the year 2006, when the third neoliberal government was in Nicaragua, we had blackouts every day. The plants were paralyzed, the economic activity affected, everyone affected. I mean, if there is no energy, a country simply sinks.”

“And logically, the United States was not willing to offer cooperation to the people,” he added. “Only a revolution with a truly generous soul, like the Bolivarian Revolution, would act in that way.”

Ortega thanks Soviet Union and Russia for supporting Nicaragua

President Daniel Ortega also emphasized in his August 2 speech the importance of Nicaragua’s alliance with the former Soviet Union and the Russian Federation today.

“We have always counted on the invaluable cooperation, since the triumph of the (Sandinista) Revolution, cooperation in all fields that was given to us by another revolution: the October Revolution (in Russia),” he said.

“In the middle of antagonisms, in the middle of the harassment, in the middle of the blockade, in the middle of the counter-revolution that was launched against the (Sandinista) Revolution, we found ourselves with the Soviet Union, led by Russia.”

The Nicaraguan president explained, “There were two extraordinary moments in our history: the invaluable cooperation of the Russian people, headed then by what was the Soviet Union, and then, in this new stage, the invaluable cooperation of the Bolivarian Revolution, headed by Commander Hugo Chávez.”

“And in this new stage we linked again, as expected, with the Russian Federation, we linked, it was normal that we linked with a sense of cooperation, a sense of friendship,” he added.

“When has the United States donated wheat? No, they put it on the market. The brothers of the Russian Federation have donated wheat to our people.”

Ortega continued, “Here, in those 17 years of neoliberal governments, public transportation vehicles were not updated and public transportation was totally destroyed. In this, the Russian Federation cooperated with us, and Mexico as well – cooperation that we have always appreciated, from the Mexican people and government.”

The Nicaraguan leader was referencing the fact that Russia provided 550 new buses in 2021, so the Central American nation could modernize its public transportation system. 250 of these buses were donations, a gift of the Russian people to the Nicaraguan people.

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