US vs IsraHell Espionage – the Final Battle


US going after IsraHell media espionage

   … by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor    … with  Press TV

–  First  Published on July 19, 2013  –

I watched in somewhat amazement the recent news of the Justice Department’s investigation of Fox News’s James Rosen which brought the entire Israeli Lobby 5th column out to defend not only Rosen, but freedom for the press. The gross hypocrisy made me sick to my stomach.

There is no group of people who have relentlessly attacked freedom of the press more viciously that the Israeli Lobby and their espionage handlers in Tel Aviv.
It has been widely known throughout the entire intelligence and law enforcement community that the Zionists conduct massive and aggressive media espionage everywhere they can. The attacks on Press TV are also part of this worldwide campaign.

James Rosen
Rosen is not being investigated for leaking, but for running a major espionage operation here in the US. For whom? Well, like so many others he is an Israeli citizen, so I will let you guess.
Rosen’s investigation is a spinoff of the Murdoch News Corp phone hacking scandal that was really just the tip of the iceberg of a worldwide media espionage operation involving Israel and even the Assange case and others. The US investigation here got some early coverage and them dropped off the radar.

What has the Israeli 5th column Lobby so rattled is that no US Justice Department has ever tried to bust up Israeli espionage operations here. In the past, they always had the political fix both in Congress and the White House. They still have it with a disloyal Congress, but it seems the Obama team has wandered off the plantation.
I saw right away that the Lobby’s instant and massive deployment of all their PR assets here was an attempt to put the genie back into the bottle. They fear that their little safe haven of hiding behind press freedoms to conduct long-term espionage operations might be a thing of the past. Will we soon see dual citizen Israelis running to airports to catch flights to the land of no extradition?

Spy work basics

Besides the usual embassy and UN delegation spying, there are three heavily used espionage penetration points…media entities and reporters, foreign businessmen, and NGOs and the various aid organizations.

If I were going to be a spy…a media, NGO or working for US AID cover would be the last thing I would do. It’s like wearing a T-shirt that says, “I am a spy”. I grew up receiving corporal punishment from my mother, so she beat stupidity out of me long ago.

Oleg Kalugin – Switched sides…and made it
Oleg Kalugin, after completing training with the KGB came to the US where our dummies let him in Columbia study journalism on a Fulbright scholarship in 1958. This set him up for spying at the United Nations under a press cover.
Did we have pitiful counter-intel back then? Yes. Maybe it’s just a coincidence that Wolf Blitzer spent a good bit of time in Israel before coming back here to begin his fast rise to CNN news anchor.

After returning from a trip back home, Kalugin was a press officer at the Soviet Embassy where he ran all of the KGB’s espionage operations in America, later returning home to become director general of the KGB. His deputy and protégé then was Vladimir Putin.

How do we know this? Well, a lot is right in his Wikipedia, and after Kalugin defected to the US we have people here at VT who knew him very well, and still do. They used to have Sunday brunches at the Watergate Hotel in DC for years where they talked Cold War shop over fancy omelets. He has led a quiet life for many years now.
Editors Note: Stewart Nozette was not a media spy, but definitely one of the tribe that was only too happy to bite on what he thought was an Israeli handler. This is the only FBI snag in a long time. This is footage rarely show of Nozette taking cash and negotiation the price of future information. The FBI released this to get as much mileage as they could of this token prosecution, which is all that it was. It has long credits in the front…actual video starts at 43 seconds.
YouTube – Veterans Today  – Nozette FBI video

The Mechanics of Media Espionage


It is rare to even find an official mention of media spying…why?…fear of press retaliation.
Media spying used to be a few infiltrated reporters and maybe an editor or two. There is no professional position that allows access to more potential sources as a reporter, and then a step-up from that, a senior correspondent.
Why? Because to have access to them you have a way to get what you want into big media. So to get those favors people are willing to ‘provide favors’.
These favors can actually have your career put on the fast track…promotions, think tank ‘senior fellowships’, all the usual grooming that might even take you into a Pentagon, State Dept., or White House job someday where you can be VERY valuable.
Many have traveled this path. You see them in the news, and quoted all the time…yes, by their media friends.

What is really being hidden in this hyped leaking scandal with James Rosen is that the most valuable information that media spies get is from ‘off the record’ conversations with high sources. It is never printed and never leaked.
It goes back to their handlers and then back to the home country, or is sold to a third party. Israelis just wholesale what they don’t need themselves, to make money to pay for their operations. For an American, this is treason.

Modern multinational media espionage really took off with Ronald Reagan’s free enterprise overkill when he opened the floodgates on media consolidation, a dream come true for certain major espionage entities.
It allowed the consolidation of what the public would be allowed to know and not know, simply by having centralized control over most of their information. It would become a powerful king maker tool in politics, and hence expand political espionage.
Major espionage entities began BUYING or taking majority control of mast head media platforms, not only overseas but eventually here in the US when foreign ownership was allowed.
These same espionage entities became involved in building media empires, which allowed for personnel to be easily moved around from country to country. The Murdoch empire is the largest entity worldwide.

AIPAC has long been considered an asset of Israeli Intelligence operations in America, primarily for being able to conduct what is called ‘front door’ espionage, meaning that no sneaking around is necessary.
Fox News has long been considered a US front for operations here. When I saw both the far left and the NeoCons standing shoulder to shoulder for press freedoms, that only happens when their spy handler tells them it’s time to make a display. It’s really an incredible espionage coup when you can use ‘freedom of the press’ to have your targeted country defend your ongoing operations.

The Rosen probe has all of Israel’s 5th column here in the US shaking in their boots. They know, or they should know, that our Intelligence community has reams of information on their treason here, but nothing has ever been done about it because it was impossible to prosecute them because they were “protected entities”.

The highest level political people in our country have been involved in felony obstruction of justice, for the Israelis, for a long long time. Many of them are household names that you see regularly on TV, on Fox News and even NPR, as they have penetration branches on both sides.
So yes, all of these traitors are now worshiping at the altar of ‘freedom of the press’ because Obama has grabbed the corner of the rug they have been standing on and looks like he might give it a big jerk.

Technical Stuff


Rupert Murdoch – the Sly old fox of the media hen house
The phone hacking scandal out of the Murdoch media empire in Britain was a cover for a major ongoing espionage operation for the Israelis and others. Stealing cell phone access to get people’s voice mail messages was the kid’s stuff part.
They were also tapping the phones of most of Britain’s top law enforcement and counter-intel people. How? They just had another branch of people working parallel to the phone hackers.
The communication intercept equipment would come into the country via diplomatic privilege, the Israeli embassy. What kind? Well, you can buy a commercial version yourself, called the Dominator One. They have far advanced versions, but can basically fit in a suitcase.
You can not only intercept phone calls and emails, but you can change them, or send phony ones out. “I want to meet for lunch” can be changed to “I want to kill you at lunch.” You can frame people by sending out threats or uploading kiddie porn to their computer and photos into their smart phone for later blackmail uses. This has been going on for years.
But this fancy equipment is not cheap. For the really talented stuff you are talking about $7 million. You will not find expenditures for these outlays on any of Murdoch’s corporate media accounting logs. Such equipment is donated by ‘other parties’.

Here in the US, NeoCon hero activist James O’Keefe and his crew were caught posing as phone repair people trying to penetrate a Louisiana Congresswoman’s office. A forgotten part of the story was that outside in the car was an active Defense Intelligence Agency guy, apparently moonlighting, with a Dominator type intercept package…the good stuff.

Expensive equipment like this is not used to make media splashes. O’Keefe had been sent to Israeli via one of the many front friends of Israel ‘exchange’ foundations here to get his training.
American media swept the DIA guy and his Dominator equipment all under the rug and O’Keefe remains a Fox News and NeoCon darling. He is just ending his three years of probation. I am sure we will see more of him.

Will America make war on Israeli espionage?


Have the Israelis penetrated the Justice Department?…Of course.
If Obama is really going after the Israel espionage networks here, it will be earth shattering. We know hundreds of people who have information and willing to testify for the years it would take to conduct all of the trials.
Up until now, it has been deemed a national security risk to prosecute them en masse because the scale of the treason involved would destroy Americans’ faith in their government.
Hence, the treason has been allowed to go on, trying to monitor it and control damage, but never root it out. There are many who have felt that strategy itself was a treasonous aiding and abetting itself. If Obama is really going after them he will get a lot of help.
But one of the first casualties would be Congress, whose ranks will be thinned considerably. Top people there have been handing over classified material to the Israelis for years.
Committee chairmen are the key there as they have access to almost everything. This happened in the Bush White House, too. And you could see some major media platforms put into court receivership.
Lastly, take a look at the shifting sands on the Zios. Their Iran threat claims are being ignored by everybody, but the NeoCons are still shilling for them. The EU sanctions have started, and feelers are being put out by several economically struggling EU countries that they want to resume trade with Iran.
The West is backing off the Syrian War for Israel and criminal charges still being talked about for Murdoch in Britain. Is this all a coincidence, or an orchestration?

We have been shouting for years that America will never have any national security until the Israeli espionage networks are rooted out and destroyed here. We stand by that more than ever, and pray that it happens.

One last ending treat. This is Stewart Nozette doing a ‘straight’ video when he was working for Nasa.
YouTube – Veterans Today

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