US Taxpayers Underwriting a Country Club for the IDF?


by mantiqaltayr

1. I don’t know what it is that Bibi Neten Yahoo is smoking, but I hope he’ll tell all of us so we can get some too. The poster above is pilfered shamelessly from the Graphic Visigoth run by Friend of Mantiq (FOM), Skulz.
2. A Shit Head’s list.  This list is at once hilarious and revealing. I was glad to see that Phil Weiss made the shit list as did Max Blumenthal and Phyllis Bennis.   In fact the list is quite long. I think to get on it you have to least sometimes balk just a little tiny bit at Israel’s many crimes, you can even still call yourself a Zionist and be on the list.
Oh, if you click on the on-line store link at the bottom of the page you’ll be able to buy a “Palestinian Peace Dildo for your girlfriend.
3. The Friends of the IDF and their asshole buddy Haim Saban are at it again. He just  helped raise 7 million US dollars for a special project for the IDF. According to this article:
” At a Western Region summer party hosted by real estate entrepreneur Daniel Mani and his wife, Tsipi, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) came one step closer to realizing a longtime dream of constructing “a city of training bases” in the Negev.”
The article goes on to say that the city will not just have cool training bases but also things like movie theaters and a country club.  Yes, a fucking country club for the IDF.
Oh, the Friends of the IDF is, as I have reported before, a US tax-deductible charity.

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