US not after eradicating ISIL militants


Press TV has conducted an interview with Ibrahim Mousawi, political analyst from Beirut, about Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif saying the United States has not been serious in its fight against the ISIL Takfiri militants.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: You know this thing with ISIL and US; Iran’s Foreign Minister did pinpoint one important fact [that] the US [is] supporting the ISIL in Syria and then of course what has happened in Iraq showing that the US is not serious.

But isn’t it a bit more complicated than that because Saudi Arabia has been supporting these terrorist groups so there has got to be an alliance there between the US and Saudi Arabia? Who is listening to who? Is Saudi Arabia directing US policies in some regards when it comes to these Takfiri militants or terrorists?

Mousawi: Well it would be difficult to assume so. It would be difficult to assume that Saudi Arabia is directing the policies of the United States of America but at one point we have to remember that we are talking here about a matrix of Takfiri groups organization that takes their intellectual input from many school of thoughts that maybe even found in Saudi Arabia and the Wahhabi thinking and theology.

Well in this regard we have to understand a very important issue that the Americans, and here I totally agree with what has been mentioned by His Excellency the Foreign Minister of Iran Mr. Zarif, that the United States is not serious actually about this. We know very well that the Americans, the great powers, the world arrogant, they always make use of a certain phenomenon, they always make use of certain Takfiri groups, extremist organizations, they help them as much as they could boil down to their own interest.

There is a kind of divergence between one interest and other that they start to talk about containment. They want to contain those groups. They do not want to get rid of them, they do not want to eradicate them, and they do not want to eliminate them. They would want to use them always as a stick in order to blackmail this party or that party in the region. That is why I believe they are not serious about fighting, eradicating, [and] eliminating the danger. They want only just to make it subservient to their own goals.

Press TV: And I will never forget Mr. Mousawi [that] during the Geneva talks the Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem came out and made a very interesting statement when he was back in Syria and he said that for the region to be in the state and form that it is – chaos, destruction – that serves Israel’s interest.  So, that kind of reflects or connects to what you said this idea of containment of these terrorists.

Mousawi: Absolutely. I mean yes. When you talk about containment you are talking about a policy that would serve many regional and international powers actually. When you talk about Israel, the Israelis are very happy. They would never be in a better position when it comes to the inter-communal conflicts and to inter-societal clashing that is taking place in this region.

So yes the Americans and this is one of the criteria of the great powers that they can make use always of the differences and of the clashes that happen in a regional level.

They would invest upon them, they would want to perpetuate them as much as they could so they could make interest, they could make benefits out of them rather than eradicating the problem from its roots.

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