US-NATO Military Bases, Mass Demonstrations, Climate Change


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Top 10 Reasons Not to Love NATO
By David Swanson, January 17, 2019
NATO, like the United Nations, is an international institution that has something or other to do with war, but transferring the UN’s claimed authority to legalize a war to NATO has no support whatsoever in reality.

Okinawa Activists Petition White House to Stop Military Base Construction
By John Zangas, January 17, 2019
Peace activists are calling for the U.S. government to call off plans for a massive military construction project on the Japanese island of Okinawa.

3 Reasons to Pay Attention to the LA Teacher Strike
By Prof. Erin McHenry-Sorber, January 17, 2019
The Los Angeles strike involves 34,000 teachers. To compare, the statewide 2018 teacher strike in West Virginia – where I am researching teacher strikes and teacher shortages – involved about 20,000 teachers and affected approximately 270,000 students.

Martin Luther King Commemorations Take Place Amid Government Shutdown and Worsening Capitalist Crisis
By Abayomi Azikiwe, January 17, 2019
Although U.S. involvement in World War II brought the country out of an economic slump through the conversion of industrial facilities to war production while millions were drafted into military service, racism and national oppression against African Americans remained, both inside and outside of the armed forces.

Europe on the Brink of Collapse?
By Peter Koenig, January 17, 2019
The European Union (EU), the conglomerate of vassals – Trump calls them irrelevant, and he doesn’t care what they think about him, they deserve to be collapsing.

A Planet in Crisis: The Heat’s on Us
By Dahr Jamail, January 17, 2019
For at least two decades, I’ve found my solace in the mountains. I lived in Alaska from 1996 to 2006 and more than a year of my life has been spent climbing on the glaciers of Denali and other peaks in the Alaska Range. Yet that was a bittersweet time for me as the dramatic impacts of climate change were quickly becoming apparent, including quickly receding glaciers and warmer winter temperatures.

Medical Consequences of Drone Attacks against Gaza: Amputation Injuries
By Hanne Heszlein-LossiusYahya Al-Borno, and et al., January 17, 2019
Little data exist to describe the use and medical consequences of drone strikes on civilian populations in war and conflict zones. Gaza is a landstrip within the Palestinian territories and the home of 2 million people.

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