Ladies and Gentlemen, members of the committee, we are joined here today in commiseration of the eleventh anniversary of one of the most profound dates in American and world history. 
When the second best nation on this planet was attacked by 19 Muslims. 19 fundamentalist Islamic terrorists, simply armed with box cutters who hijacked planes and flew them into the twin towers in New York.
Not only were these scum terrorists, but they were Muslim terrorists – let us not forget this fact.

Muslim terrorist hell bent on destroying the great freedoms we have in this free and democratic state. They were prepared to murder just because they were jealous of our freedoms.
Not only were they jealous freedom-destroying Muslim terrorists, but they were also anti-semitic Muslims.

Rapturous enthusiastic applaud from the sell out traitors in the audience
Yes ladies and gentlemen – filthy anti-semitic jealous freedom-destroying Islamic terrorist Muslims hell bend on destroying our world.
Never again – never again is this fine God-loving nation going to tolerate this form of attack. Thankfully due to our paid-off homeland security we have now installed surveillance and monitoring security systems into every aspect of your lives – for your protection. To maintain your freedoms.
Thankfully no more underpants bombers can get through our systems. As I for one am not going to allow any filthy dirty anti-semitic evil jealous freedom-destroying Islamic terrorist Muslim to get into my underpants. Not of course unless I want them to.
No here at AIPAC we not only will not tolerate Islamic terrorists, but any of those sick depraved dissidents and pesky nut job conspiracy theorists.
We have measures in place to deal with these unpatriotic imbalanced mentally disturbed scum. We have the chemicals, we have the monitoring, we have the technology, we have resources and of course we have the predator drones (big smile).

More spontaneous applaud from the sycophantic lackeys
Yes fellow members, we here at AIPAC commemorate this day in full respect of the American lives lost on September 11th 2001. And we thank Moloch that there were hardly any Chosen ones who just by chance didn’t go into work that day.
We also give praise to lucifer that we just happen to find one of the passports in all the rubble of one of those filthy dirty anti-semitic evil jealous freedom-destroying Islamic terrorist Muslims.
We give praise to satan that the falsely accused dancing mossad agents disguised as filthy Arabs were able to return safely back to the only democracy in the Middle East.
And we give praise to the devil that we could rely on our trusty kosher media to report this tragic event in the way they know best (smarmy smile).

So with all this in mind and the ever-present threat of more wars, this time in the form of Iranian dirty anti-semitic evil jealous freedom-destroying Islamic terrorist Muslims; we have to be vigilant.
Israel has to be defensive, never again shall the chosen tribe fall victim to a mad dictatorship. Iran and the world must understand that America being it’s steadfast hound dog will yet again do it’s dirty deeds on behalf of it’s masters.
I can assure the American people; I for one will stand back and watch yet again whilst dumbed-down ignorant brave patriots sacrifice their lives on behalf of Moloch.
I your loyal schwartza Chabad-goy will do my utmost to sell my soul on behalf of satan and his chosen children.
Hail the New World Order, hail lucifer.

More rapturous applaud and standing ovation.

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