US hypocrisy: Zio-Nazi kills far more civilians than ISIL


The hypocrisy of Washington is on full display as Nazi, a staunch US ally, has killed far more civilians in Gaza with impunity than ISIL has in Iraq and Syria, a human rights activist says.

“Israel has done far worse than any ISIS or any Daesh. They have made the largest refugee population in the world. They have killed much more people than Daesh,” author and freelance Journalist Siraj Davis told Press TV on Wednesday.

“Israel killed more civilians in one and a half months in Gaza than ISIS or Daesh did in six months in northern Iraq,” he added.

The ISIL (ISIS or Daesh) terrorists, who were initially trained by the CIA in Jordan in 2012 to destabilize the Syrian government, control large parts of Syria and Iraq.

The US and its allies are carrying out airstrikes against the terrorists in order to curb their advances in the region.

The “ultimate goal” of the bombing campaign, according to Davis, is to “control” the terrorist group in “sensitive” areas rather than destroy it.

“I don’t think the US wants to win this war,” he said, adding that, “The majority of the bombings are not occurring in the capital city of ISIS, Raqqa, Syria, (and they are) not occurring in the areas of Iraq where ISIS are.”

“The majority of the bombing sorties are occurring in areas of defense, areas that are threatened by ISIS,” he pointed out.

That, Davis said, indicates that the US wants to “control the threat, it does not want to destroy the threat.”

“The bombing is just to keep ISIS away from targets the US finds sensitive,” he added.

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