US displays military might in Persian Gulf after Iran nearly attacks F-18 jets

The U.S. sent a message to Iran via its military activity in the Persian Gulf this week, as the two foes almost came to blows last week.

According to Fox News correspondent Lucas Tomlinson, the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier strike groups have been together in the Persian Gulf since last week, with F-18 Super Hornets escorting them through the Arabian Sea.

Lucas Tomlinson@LucasFoxNews

In a message to Iran, two U.S. Navy aircraft carrier strike groups now together in Arabian Sea since last week: Harry S. Truman & Dwight D. Eisenhower. B-52 bomber also overhead escorted by Super Hornets

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This U.S. aircraft carrier grouping seems to have come around the time that the Iranian military almost attacked F-18 Super Hornet that was flying near its border.

In a special report from the YCJ news site, the Iranian Army’s air defense forces can be seen warning a U.S. F-18 aircraft and later locking into the target after it ignored the Islamic Republic’s call to fly away from its airspace.

Abas Aslani@AbasAslani

Iranian Army’s Air Defense Force, on March 20, warned an intruding F-18 fighter jet to get away from the country’s border after it approached the #Iran‘s airspace on Friday morning. Iranian defense officials have not revealed to which country the fighter belonged to. – state TV

The incident marked the first time that the two countries were involved in a direct confrontation with one another since Iran fired several missiles at the ‘Ayn Al-Assad Airbase in Iraq’s Heet District.

The Iranian attack reportedly targeted the U.S. forces that were being housed at the ‘Ayn Al-Assad Base – no fatalities were reported as a result of this attack; however, several soldiers were later revealed to have suffered brain injuries.

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