US consul–Zionist Spy Grapel ‘in big trouble’


Zionist ‘spy’ Ilan Grapel meets with US embassy representative. Cairo’s indictment expected soon

Egyptian sources believe that Zionist “spy” Ilan Grapel will soon face formal charges.

In the meantime, Egypt’s al-Ahram newspaper reported Friday that he met with the US consul in Cairo the newspaper claims the consul told Grapel he was in “big trouble.”

The report further stated that during his stay in Egypt, Grapel sought to extend his visa writing on the request form that he was a Muslim who came to Egypt to study. The newspaper continues to claim that Grapel is a Mossad agent who was trying to recruit Egyptian citizens and to “incite a conflict between the Egyptian people and their armed forces.”

The newspaper also reported that Grapel “sent emails to Zio-Nazi Gestao ‘Mossad’ from a number of coffee shops”.

Earlier this week Egyptian media said that during his investigation Grapel had admitted to serving in Zio-Nazi army for two years and three months but firmly denied that he worked for Zio-Nazi Gestapo ‘Mossad’.

On Thursday Grapel met with the Zio-Nazi consul in Egypt and the Foreign Ministry said that the consul felt that the Zionist detainee was doing well. Zio-Nazi Embassy representatives in Cairo have spoken to the Egyptian prosecution saying that they would continue to act for Grapel’s release.

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