US Cargo Ship Carrying 350 Tonnes of Military Equipment Docks in Ukraine’s Odessa

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A US cargo ship docked in Ukraine’s Odessa port carrying 350 tonnes of military equipment and vehicles for the country’s armed forces, local media reported on Thursday.

The cargo ship under the American flag entered the port on Wednesday evening, Dumskaya news agency said. Among 350 tonnes worth of military equipment, the ship carried 35 HMMWV military trucks for Ukraine’s armed forces.

All equipment is expected to be unloaded by mid-Friday, the news agency stated.

Earlier in March, the US Department of Defence announced additional $125 million package for the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative to cover training, equipment, and advisory support. The remaining $150 million appropriated by Congress will be provided to Ukraine in 2021 once Pentagon certifies the country’s progress on key defense reforms.

In total, the US has committed over $2 billion in security assistance to Ukraine since 2014.


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