US Ambassador is Martyr to Zionist Ambition



Christopher Steven’s murder 
appears timed to inflame US opinion against Muslims, and by extension Iranians. An Israeli attack on Iran is imminent.  
by Henry Makow Ph.D
Christopher Stevens, the US ambassador to Libya murdered earlier today was a martyr to Zionist attempts to draw the US into war with Iran.

The attack on the US consulate in Benghazi was prompted by an insulting film made by  Zionist Jews that depict the prophet Mohammed, and Muslims in general, as killers and perverts.

This is taking place as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is ratcheting up pressure on the US to attack Iran, or to support an Israeli attack.

Christopher Steven’s  fate is an object lesson for all Americans. Zionists are happy to see Americans die fulfilling Zionist goals. On Monday, we commemorated the 11th anniversary of the false flag attack on the World Trade Center, which has Zionist fingerprints all over it. 

If Obama is indeed resisting Zionist pressure, I say “Bravo.” Zionism is a pernicious force which has less to do with a Jewish homeland than with Sabbatean Jewish (Illuminati) world domination. 

By what logic should Israel or Pakistan have nuclear weapons but not Iran? 

Israel has sufficient deterrence to ensure Iran would never use them. No, the real objection is that Iranian nuclear weapons prevent  Zionist conquest, for which they are a pretext, as in the case of Iraq.

The film which provoked Muslim outrage is a gratuitous hate crime but since Jews define “hate” (as anything they hate,) the director Sam Bacile, 56, has not been charged. Nor have the more than 100 Jewish donors who financed the $5 million effort. 


“Speaking by phone from an undisclosed location Tuesday, writer and director Sam Bacile, left, remained defiant, saying Islam is a cancer.” 

Bacile, a California real estate developer who identifies himself as an Israeli Jew, said he believes the movie will help his native land by exposing Islam’s flaws to the world.
“Islam is a cancer, period,” he said repeatedly.
“The two-hour movie, “Innocence of Muslims,” the film claims Muhammad was a fraud. An English-language 13-minute trailer on YouTube shows an amateur cast performing a wooden dialogue of insults disguised as revelations about Muhammad, whose obedient followers are presented as a cadre of goons.
“It depicts Muhammad as a feckless philanderer who approved of child sexual abuse, among other overtly insulting claims that have caused outrage.

The film is obscene and portrays Mohammed as a bastard and a pedophile who performs lewd acts. It portrays atrocities by Muslims against Christians which the Muslim authorities condone and blame on Christians. This is ironic since Zionists are inciting attacks against Americans and blaming Muslims. 

Christopher Stevens was not the first, and won’t be the last  American to die because of US servitude to Zionist ambition, which ultimately is to enslave them.

The political, economic, mental and spiritual phase of this enslavement has largely taken place. None of the network TV news programs mentioned that the video which incited this anti-American activity was made by Israelis. Just as in 9-11, the news media are active Zionist collaborators.

They did mention that when the US Embassy in Cairo distanced itself from this film, and apologized for offending Muslims, both Obama and Romney rejected this gesture as a failure to defend “American” values. 

Of course, they aren’t surrounded by angry crowds. At least, not yet!

left – US ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, in the hands of Libyans who are not paid by the CIA. 

First Comment- from Dan 

Back to the latest violence, Stevens ‘ began his career with the State Department in 1991 as Political Section Chief in Jerusalem.   When US diplomatic relations with Libya were re-opened by Gaddafi in 2006 – 2009,. Stevens was there in the role of Deputy Chief.
But the US diplomatic mission to Libya was a Trojan Horse.  They were setting the stage for the NATO coup d’tat. The ‘Rebels’ were mercenaries – that on other days the media calls ‘Al Queda’.   Stevens is a man that lied through his smile to the Libyan government till the last minute, then slipped out of the country, and slipped back in as “Envoy to the Rebels”
In a world where Illuminati governments “eat their young”  Stevens was set up – sacrificed – so that Obama and Hillary can “vow track down ambassador’s killers”.
As this attack and killing actually serves the purpose of US State Department I’m calling it yet another false flag attack — a pretext for war.
Do you wonder what went through Stevens’ mind when he realized his own Masters had thrown him from the train?
2011: Hillary gloats and laughs over Gaddafi’s brutal murder  “We came, we saw, he died”
Hillary’s man on point got the same kind of death as Gaddafi.

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