Update on Brendon O’Connell


Update on Brendon O’Connell July 12, 2012

ed note–I have not spoken with Brendon for a few weeks, but received this email from someone close to him there in Australia.
“When anyone of you sees an indecent thing being done, he should stop it with his hands and if he cannot do so, he should stop it with his tongue. And if he cannot stop it with his tongue, he should condemn it in his heart. And this (i.e. the third alternative) is the weakest stage of faith.”
The Prophet Muhammad
I am someone who often looks for a sign when embarking on something new. I hope that what I am about to tell you is taken by you to be a good sign for your coming trip to Iran to interview the President.
I have recently been put into the punishment section of the jail. Well, it is not really punishment for me with a single cell, no TV and just a pen and paper and book- solitude, blissful solitude. While coming here in hand cuffs, a Lebanese Muslim friend of mine saw me and asked if he could give me a book to read while in solitary. That book is called “The Voice of Human Justice”, a biography of the prophet’s cousin and closest friend Imam Ali: “The Commander of the Faithful”.
Iran is of course predominantly Shia Muslim and the ‘Hadiths’ and Imam Ali tend to take on a greater focus there. The fact that the book that I am going to quote from was written by a Lebanese Christian makes it even more meaningful as you yourself are a Lebanese Christian living in the United States and about to travel to Iran. Let me quote from the publisher’s note at the beginning of the book:
“Much has been written and continues to be written about the life, character and attributes of Imam Ali. The present book is an English translation of ‘Sautu’ I ‘Adᾶlati’ I Insaniyah; the biography of the Imam, written in Arabic by George Jordac, a renowned Christian author of Lebanon. It has gained much popularity in the Arab and Muslim world. Many Muslim and non Muslim scholars have paid it glowing tributes”. Page 11
If I were to quote from this book I would have to write you one hundred pages, every page has something in it. Let me give you a few however:
“Ali formulated such firm rules and presented such solid views for the rights of human beings and the welfare of the human society, that their roots penetrate into the depths of the earth and their branches extend up to the heavens. All the social sciences which are prevalent at present mostly confirm these views and principles. Although these modern social sciences may be given many names, and may be presented in various forms, their object is one and one only. That the human being should be protected from oppression and there should be formed a society, which should protect human rights in a better way- a society in which human dignity should be respected and the freedom of word and action should be safe to such an extent that none should be hurt.” Page 83
“Did not the Jewish priests of Jerusalem tell the representative of Caesar that in order to support Caesar’s system of government, according to which the poor were exploited and the capitalists became rich; that if he did not crucify Jesus Christ, he was not a friend of Caesar? It was Muhammad, the brother of Christ, who rose against the oppressive society at the time, where in there was a great friction between the oppressors and the oppressed.” Page 96
“Ali was most anxious to enforce equity and justice. His main object was that justice should be established… He always desired those pious persons, who were anxious for the Hereafter, to serve the public to gain the bounties of the next world. He said: ‘Only that person, who works for the welfare of the people, will be prosperous in the Hereafter. And the best things that can be done in connection with public welfare are these- to feed the hungry; to provide water for the thirsty; to provide dress to those who do not have it; to inform the people of their rights and duties; and to protect the rights of others.” Page 105
Mark, I could quote page after page from the book and besides the Quran, I would highly recommend the book for Christians or anyone else wishing to understand what Islam is about.
Further to our telephone conversations, it’s my understanding that you will attempt to raise my case with the president if the opportunity arises- on camera? I hope this is possible as my matter is so full of utter hypocrisy. I’m sure the Iranian President could have a field day with it, especially as a violent extremist group known as “Combat 18” shot up a Perth Mosque in 2010 and received a 7 month suspended sentence. I believe that whole operation was police run. Now that Mosque has video surveillance both inside and out, paid for by the police, no doubt installed and run by “Verint”. J
Well Mark, thank you again for your support. I continue to “spread the word” amongst the Muslim jail population about Jewish racial and religious supremacism underpinning Zionism; how local Jews act as “Sayanims” (helpers) for the state of Israel and infest government, military and private corporate sensitive positions; how Israel carried out 9-11; how Military Intelligence officers under “Operation Talpiot” run all the database security and communications companies out of Israel giving them unprecedented access to information of every kind and finally I do everything I can to further improve Muslim and Christian relations so that we can come together to crush the virus that is political Zionism and the racial and religious hatred and intolerance that feeds it. I know that this is your mission too and I pray that God will bless this meeting in Iran and we can do our part. Insha’ Allah. God Bless,
Brendon Lee; of the family O’Connell
July 2, 2012
P.S. Mark, perhaps Imam Ali sums it up with these two quotes:
“The time is extremely incompatible and disagreeable. In these days a righteous person is considered to be wicked and the refractoriness of the tyrant is on the increase… The people are involved in doubts and sensuality. They have ears but they are deaf. They have eyes but they are blind. They are neither steadfast in the battlefield nor reliable in difficult circumstances.” Page 126
“I was worried and alarmed lest the foolish and wicked persons should become the rulers of this nation and make the property of God their plaything and the creatures of God their slaves and fight with the righteous and make the tyrants their helpers.” Page 127
So, the more things change, the more they stay the same. The problem we have discussed so often is not new 

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