October 8, 2010
by Gordon Duff

Glen Beck


By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

“Initially, groups, Zionists, “banksters” and con men of all kinds rushed to the side of the neocons, seeing them as “hapless bumpkins” both naive and “on the make.”  It was believed that, behind every “family values” type was a thief, a child molester or an ambitious “sell out” looking to exploit the stupidity of those around them and prey on fear and ignorance…and to a large extent, this has been correct.”

When President Obama took office in January, 2009, it was expected he would do as he had promised, end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, wars he claimed were illegal and immoral, close the prison at Guantanamo, end the drone attacks on Pakistan and restore the constitutional rights lost under the Bush administration through the Patriot Acts and other ill advised legislation.

A new investigation into 9/11, along with investigations of the manipulation of intelligence leading to the invasion of Iraq and the shameful torture and rendition programs and the massive financial crimes that crashed the American economy in 2007 was also expected.  In fact, one of the common discussions prior to the election was whether President Bush and Vice President Cheney would resign, seeking pardon’s from their successor, on the expectation that criminal proceedings would lead to their eventual arrest and imprisonment for war crimes or even treason.

Two years later, President Obama is a virtual “ghost.”  Everything he promised to undo is the same or worse.  Even more surprising, the mainstream media says nothing about these promises being broken.  How long will we wait for the questions, “When will former Vice President Cheney be arrested,” or “Are there plans to control ‘death squads’ in Afghanistan or begin to curtail the massive heroin exports from that country?”

President Obama is silent on these and other issues and the press, normally on a chief executive like a pack of dogs, remains oddly silent.  Does anyone detect the smell of tyranny?

We are now receiving clear evidence from sources within the military that by 2007, civilian control of the United States, though not entirely over, had been severely compromised.  Most American’s aren’t aware of the “Dominionist” movement that began in the late 1970s.  Their goal was to take control of the military forces of the United States in order to overthrow the government and replace it with a “Christian” government, a theocracy, overthrowing the constitutional republic we now have.

This would be a military dictatorship.

The president would be “nominally” in charge but foreign policy, particularly in line with issues involving the Middle East and Israel would be controlled by a group from within the military in conjunction with their allies in the media, banking and extremist groups, both American and Israeli “Taliban.”   This group would control Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, the Supreme Court, stacked with “Dominionist” allies, backers and those compromised for “other reasons.”

Even the Mormon Church, a Christian offshoot organization, once actually at war with the United States, that runs Utah, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Wyoming, Idaho and part of Western Colorado as a private fiefdom, has thrown in with the Dominionists, in fact, the Catholic Church, besieged on all sides by scandals, is onboard with them too.

Key members of congress would fall into line, managed by committee assignments and the new campaign finance laws, including the application of aspects of McCain-Feingold that allow the highly organized Israel lobby to “buy” members of the House of Representatives with ease, flooding any district with cash, controlling primary elections, even overseeing judicial elections and appointments.

This week, Fox/Newscorp owner, Israeli Likudist Rupert Murdoch put $1,000,000 into one election alone in Ohio.

In the end, nothing promised would ever get done.  Attempts to regulate financial thievery would be blocked, prosecutions of financial criminals would be blocked and, conversely, the criminal justice system would we wielded, under repressive and illegal statutes, enforced by endless overlapping agencies unaccountable and even unattributable, as a tool of social upheaval.  The pre-staging of a militaristic and theocratic tyranny has long taken root and infested every federal agency.

Take a look at the world around you.


“Dominionism” is the religious basis for “neo-conservatism,” the establishment of corporate based totalitarian rule under military authority.  Packaged and sold as a return to “traditional values” or as providing security from nearly endless threats, foreign and domestic, invariably manufactured, often staged and carefully sold to the public through a “dramatized” press tasked with “softening up” the public to accept dictatorship, the neo-conservatives have been surprisingly flexible.

With the core of Dominionist teachings dependent on a reinterpretation of the KJV bible, stressing an apocalyptic end times scenario dependent on Jews settling in the Middle East, American sects, long known for their anti-Semitism are now ardent “pro-Zionists.”  The “rub” as it were, being that, once the “end times” come, Jews are destined to either convert to Christianity or suffer a repeat of the holocaust, this time at the hands of their new found friends.

As a trade off, their reward to offset the eventual end of Judaism or the destruction of the Jewish people, the State of Israel has been offered the full and unrestricted use of America’s military forces to retake what Zionists believe to be the Jewish homeland, all of the Middle East from the Nile in Egypt to the Euphrates in Iraq, from the Turkish border to Mecca in the south.


American conservatives, as we know them, rose from two areas, “big money” from the East Coast mob, the “Skull and Bones” types and the isolationist Midwest, groups that resented anyone of other than Northern European ancestry and Protestant worship practices.  During the 1930s, both groups came together behind a single cause, support of Adolf Hitler as a potential savior of the world, and the elimination of Jews as a threat to Christian civilization.

Toward that end, American banking firms, headed by the Bush family and others, underwrote, not only rebuilding Hitler’s arms industry but supported the Nazi racial policies as well.  Millions of Americans were staunchly behind Adolf Hitler, Time Magazines “Man of the Year” for 1940.  After World War II, we erased all of this from our history.  It had become an inconvenient truth.

We even erased and have tried to cleanse even the internet of records of the 1934 “Business Plot” which was to install a Fascist dictatorship in Washington based on the German model, concentration camps, ovens and all, a plot originated by the same people we now call “neo-conservatives” or “Christian Zionists” or “Dominionists.”

Thus, the strange marriage between Israel and the Dominionists is not unlike the marriage between Hitler and Germany’s Jewish Zionists who believed that Hitler was going to “export” Jews to Palestine.  From Sara Powell’s brilliant review of Lenni Brenner’s Zionism in the Age of Dictators:

“…however difficult it may be, the reader must confront some rather disturbing conclusions. The most unsettling realization for this reviewer is that pre-Holocaust Zionists were able to politically align themselves with the Nazis because both groups fundamentally saw race as an important dividing line-and, moreover, were determined to keep it that way. From Vladimir Jabotinsky to Albert Einstein, “assimilation” of Jews into the societies in which they lived was not an acceptable option…. As Jabotinsky explained, “It is impossible for a man to become assimilated with people whose blood is different from his own” (p. 10); in Einstein’s words, “Palestine is first and foremost not a refuge for East European Jews, but the incarnation of a reawakening sense of national solidarity” (p. 29). Finally, David Yisraeli, a member of the Stern Gang, wrote the following in late 1940, as part of a proposal to Hitler.

It was delivered in 1941 to two German diplomats in Lebanon:

3. The establishment of the historic Jewish state on a national and totalitarian basis, bound by a treaty with the German Reich, would be in the interest of a maintained and strengthened future German position of power in the Near East (p. 301).

Another disturbing conclusion a reader must inevitably face is that Zionists learned both tactical and political lessons from the Nazis and that, even today, these lessons are applied to further the Zionist cause.  Although most likely known to potential readers of this book, another disturbing element is the cover-up of the less than savory roles of current Israeli leaders, including former prime ministers, in the terrorist Irgun and Stern Gang just before, during, and after the Holocaust.  Likewise, the succumbing of various U.S. officials to Zionist pressure is a familiar, but distressing, story.”

As noted, this isn’t the first time Jewish leadership has aligned itself with destructive elements, nor are they the only ones to do so.  Americans favoring an end to illegal immigration have aligned themselves with Dominionists who, by and large, are backed by corporate sponsors dependent on, not only the influx of cheap, illegal foreign labor but exporting American jobs as well.


Initially, groups, Zionists, “banksters” and con men of all kinds rushed to the side of the neocons, seeing them as “hapless bumpkins” both naive and “on the make.”  It was believed that, behind every “family values” type was a thief, a child molester or an ambitious potential “sell out” looking to exploit the stupidity of those around them and prey on fear and ignorance.  To a large extent, this has been correct but the fallout, especially economically, has been much worse than anyone had anticipated.  Few had foreseen a credit crunch that would dry up even the funds financial criminals used to underwrite their own schemes.

9/11, the Patriot Acts, torture and rendition, the invasion of Iraq, the oil price “run-ups” and the toxic derivative crash that destroyed the American economy in 2007 would not have been possible without Israeli “friends” in the press managing public opinion and deflecting criminal inquiries.  Even when the public learned that the invasion of Iraq was based on falsified intelligence, nothing was done. Similarly, the same “capability” that created the phony “WMD” intelligence reports also created non-existent terrorist organizations, helped produce and distribute counterfeit “bin Laden” threats and even staged terrorist attacks.


The movement began in Colorado Springs, home of the Air Force Academy.  The goal was to take control of the Air Force, control all promotions, assignments, all incoming officers candidates and use the Air Force academy to indoctrinate a generation of officers to oppose the American government.  Veterans Today has been approached, not only by numbers of officers candidates reporting this bizarre plot but we have also been informed that the “Dominionists” claim total control of West Point and the Naval Academy at Annapolis along with full control of the officer corps of both those services.

The Marine Corps seems to be immune.  A letter received by a group supporting religious freedom in the military outlined the problem with the Marine Corps.  They were said to “lack Christian spirit” evidenced by their continued support of the constitution.


There were serious repercussions when the public was inadvertently made aware of this plot in August 2007.  A group of “Dominionists” stole 6 nuclear weapons from Minot Air Force Base in South Dakota.  These weren’t “inadvertently loaded” as the cover-up implies.  It is impossible for nuclear weapons to be loaded on a B 52 bomber by accident.  80 members of the Air Force were “fired” for this “mistake” and as many as 10 have been “suicided” or “accidented” since.  There is, however, a strong rumor, no more than a rumor but one within the military community that at least one nuclear weapon is still unaccounted for.  No proof of this allegation has been received.

However, this incident represented, during the Bush (2) administration, not just a total breakdown of the “good order and discipline” of the Air Force but something more serious, even more serious that mutiny.  As this involved strategic nuclear weapons and the total compromise of our nuclear command authority, it represented a transfer of authority from the President of the United States to a group operating outside the government, it represented a partial “coup.”

Since that time, no American president has had definitive control over America’s nuclear forces, reliable control of our nuclear arsenal.  Both President Bush and Obama thus lacked command authority.  Moreover, President Obama, upon taking office, assumed a presidency whose authority and power were compromised by the failure of President Bush to respond to this attack on America from the extreme right, in fact, the middle of his own constituency.


Proof is piling up that the Department of Defense played a role in 9/11.

The majority of the world’s credible scientists and engineers have proven beyond a doubt that the destruction of the World Trade Center was caused by a controlled demolition.   The “hard science” is there, not just that, “hard evidence” is there also.  The residue from the demolition was found everywhere, has been analyzed, and there are no longer any doubts.

Moreover, every aspect of the investigation has been proven compromised, openly interfered with and this has been carefully documented but not widely reported in the United States.  The trail is leading three directions:

  1. An Arab terrorist group began planning the 9/11 attacks during the late 1990s but was infiltrated by the Mossad and/or agents working for the CIA

  2. Their efforts were supplemented, paralleled, augmented and eventually replaced by a vast and highly complex domestic “false flag” attack designed to realign the world.

  3. Israel, with its control of the media and its ability to operate openly inside the United States with impunity due to a compromised security relationship, CIA, DOJ, FBI, would take the lead in carrying out the attacks.  Arabs would quickly be blamed and a carefully scripted press would “seal the deal” while a rigged investigation was already “in the can.”

Recently, the Pentagon paid $47,000 for 9,500 copies of Operation Dark Heart, the memoir of Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer.  We were told it contained classified information on Afghanistan, information that would aid the enemy.  This was a lie.  What it contained was a chapter on Operation Able Danger, a Pentagon effort involving Shaffer and other officers using the internet or “open source” information to track terrorist organizations.  Shaffer and his group, Captain Scott Phillpott, James D. Smith and Major Eric Kleinschmidt identified, as early as 1999, the group accused of responsibility for the 9/11 attack and created a chart showing the structure of the terrorist organization.  Mohammed Atta, reputed leader of the 9/11 operation, was prominently featured, his photograph adorned the “number one” position.

When attempts were made to inform the FBI through chain of command, all information on the hijackers was ordered destroyed by the Department of Defense and the group’s efforts to warn appropriate counter-terrorist organizations were silenced.

Then they were ordered to destroy their materials.

In 2005, 9/11 Commission Chairman Thomas Kean, said he was aware of the report but no evidence was given backing up the claims of foreknowledge of 9/11.  However, on June 14, 2004, an unnamed high ranking Navy officer informed the 9/11 Commission that he had reviewed the charts and other materials we now know to have been destroyed by the government.  The Commission chose to ignore this report and omit any record of it from their findings, evidence that, not only did the government have full knowledge of the accused hijackers 2 years in advance but destroyed evidence and protected the terrorists.  The Commission was unable to give any credible reason to fail to investigate these serious allegations.


When President Nixon refused to hand over documents to the Watergate investigators, claiming “executive privilege,” he said he did so in the interest of protecting the power of the presidency.  Nixon explained that only a powerful presidency could protect the nation from tyranny, popular sentiment shifting congress to an extreme, the military and its history of feudalistic tendencies or the “monied interests” that have always bought and sold the United States Senate since its inception.  Nixon said he looked on the presidency as a stewardship yet his forced resignation is the only such occurrence in over two centuries of American history.

Nixon, often accused of bouts of paranoia, when reexamined in light of where American history has gone, was a veritable “Nostradamus.”

These “checks and balances” of the constitution are those really intended by the Founding Fathers, yes, protecting capital from seizure by the “underclasses” for sure but also allowing a nation state to develop in a world, at the time, bereft of representative government in any form, on any continent.

President Washington and later, President Eisenhower, warned of the “military industrial complex,” in their own ways.  Neither would have imagined that the issue of separation of church and state, a critical aspect of the constitution under continual attack on the grounds of “moral necessity,” would be the weakness that would bring about failure of representative government in the United States, that “hapless bumpkins” would bring down America.

Today we watch a presidency in paralysis.  Any threat to stop criminal activity in the private sector is met with accusations of “socialism.”  Attempts to seek peace and keep promises are seen as favoring terrorism and showing his true “Muslim” roots.  In truth, no president has ever faced the likelihood of assassination, hardly at the hands of an extremist or “lone gunman” but at the hands of the powerful forces that surround him.

These threats, these tactics meant to enfeeble the presidency, encumber democracy and paralyze the government are nothing compared to the dangers America faces with strategic nuclear forces under the control of an apocalypse death cult, the “American Taliban” that runs the Air Force Academy and other service academies in a manner more consistent with prison camps than schools.  Proselytizing, not only through intimidation but the systematic use of “mind control” techniques, decades of these practices, has created a monster among us, a military force no longer American in the sense that serving the constitution and supporting democratic ideals defines “American.”

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