Unplugging the New World Odor



Yogis say suffering is due to seeking happiness outside ourselves. Thequest for happiness is often the source of unhappiness. 

by Henry Makow Ph.D. 
If there were a webcam in the Monkey House at the local zoo, would you watch it?
Then, why watch TV or go to the movies? Why cruise the Internet or listen to most music? It’s the same thing as watching the chest pounding, screeching, defecating and copulating of monkeys. Of course humans outdo monkeys with mindless killing and mayhem.
If not a Monkey House, then the world increasingly resembles a hive which, thanks to the mass media, vibrates at the same frequency. For example, when the stock market is plummeting, everyone is panicking. (When Money is God, an economic downturn becomes a spiritual crisis.)
But there are other causes for the gloom: the spreading knowledge that our institutions  (government, media, education, religion etc.)  have been subverted and society now has no way of self-correcting.
The world feels like a roller coaster; we are holding on for dear life. Perhaps we need to let go. Perhaps we need to vibrate at our own unique frequency.
Perhaps I would be more effective if I devoted more energy to my private life. The external world is negating my private world even though it hasn’t physically impinged on it yet. I have impoverished myself by my constant focus on the Monkey House. I don’t think I am alone in this.
Our minds are like blotters, hoping to find a reflection of our ideals in the world. We need to turn the mirror around so the back faces the world. We need to use our personal lives (not the world) to reflect our ideals.
I envy people who can make God, Jesus or Mohamed the focus of all their thoughts. I often resolve to read the lives and saying of mystics. Clearly I need another focus. Family. Sports. A hobby.

Feeling fatigued recently, I resolved to unplug the world for 24 hours. I would be a Robinson Crusoe of the island of soul. I put on a Gregorian chant and tried to meditate. It’s all about where we direct our attention minute-by-minute. I would focus on God. Order. Peace. Truth. Sanity.  A calm came over me.
At the same time,  temptations made me realize how I am addicted to my computer terminal. From that monitor l satisfy all my lusts. Down that chute come the niblets of news, emails, book sales, stock quotes etc.  Yogis say suffering is due to seeking happiness outside ourselves. The pursuit of happiness is often the source of unhappiness.
Yet, that’s all we do: manipulate the world to make us feel good. When will we realize we cannot feel good unless we are good?  

How we hate to be alone. That’s why we are constantly talking on cell phones or watching TV. Why do we self-evade? As Paul Elmer More said, “we exhaust a great effort and expense to be poorly entertained.” 

Let’s enjoy our selves.
After about four hours of meditating, I felt quite detached and refreshed, and started to get bored. So I broke down and checked my e-mail and the latest headlines. (I want to be in the world but not of it. I don’t want to be adrift between two worlds.)
If we are engaged in a spiritual war, perhaps detaching from the world for set periods of time is the way to fight it. They seem to keep us in a state of high anxiety. They have been promising to invade Iran for six years. Is this the real agenda — to keep us at the edge of our seats?
I’m going to continue to fight the good fight. But maybe I can  win a partial victory  if I don’t let the enemy into my home and heart.

One thought on “Unplugging the New World Odor

    President Obama,
    A sizable number of us Americans understand the pressure you are under from Israel to attack Iran. We also know that your military and intelligence advisors are telling you this would be disastrous to our nation. We also know that if Israel does not get her way she will more than likely try another false flag attempt on an American interest somewhere, no different than what took place with Israel’s attack on the USS LIBERTY in 1967. The American people are with you and do not want another war for Israel’s benefit. Stay firm and resolute in the face of the demands they are making on you.
    We also know the silence of the Republican Party, media,J-street,religious leaders, and AIPAC when it comes to the threats against you from Israel, Mossad and their leaders.
    We support you and yours, and realize how corruption has taken over in many ways over you rivals. PLEASE stay safe and healthy.
    There remains more questions then answers regarding 911 and where the responsibility of such attack truly came from, and is israel an ally of the United States?
    We rightfully have our doubts, based on all the false flag operations created by them.
    Zionism (The downfall of America)
    Zionism is expansionistic, very much like a malignant cancer. This is why, no people on earth can remain safe if living with or next to Zionism.
    Racism, genocide, murder, your choice. … Ideology both religious and secular Zionism.
    Zionists can go to the devil! There is no need to assist them in their aims of globalization.
    The one world order. One world government, BANK, religious belief, and control of educational institutions.
    Zionist Collaboration With the Nazis, the killing of Torah Jews, and the stealing of their identity.
    The organized Crime syndicate that now controls the USA government, leading to America’s downfall.
    Politicians, religious leaders, and media alike bought out.
    Wars and more Wars for the benefit of Israel and Zionism.
    To call the actions as a benefit for and by the World is more deception, more compounded lies. Watch the
    war profiteers and benefit for them. (The Zionist)
    Beware of the private military, private policing, and private run jails & prisons.
    The cost of such falls on the middle class worker & tax-payers. Tax cuts for the rich and powerful.
    48% of the billionaires in America and/or the world are Zionist criminals. People never held accountable
    for their actions. Moral values never is associated with Zionism, and never will be.
    How-ever most can associate Zionism with the anti-Christ.
    Jews Hate Christians

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