Unjustly smeared as “anti-Semitic” (whatever that means)?

Anti-Semitism disinformation

It’s likely a desperate wave of the last tool in the racists’ box

By Stuart Littlewood

The video below is an excellent piece of work by Andrew Feinstein who drives a coach and horses through the evil conspiracy to smear critics of Israel as anti-Semitic. Let’s not forget that Jeremy Corbyn is still suspended from the Labour Party he recently led after saying that anti-Semitism in the party was exaggerated for political reasons, while new boss Keir Starmer sold his soul to the Zio-Inquisition on Day One of his leadership of the party.

Feinstein is a former South African politician, so he knows all about apartheid. He’s now living in the UK and a member of the Labour Party, and his activities include investigating corruption, especially in the arms trade. His roots are Jewish and many of his mother’s family were murdered during the holocaust.

He reminds us that the late and great Desmond Tutu when visiting Israel was shocked and remarked that apartheid in Israel was, if anything, worse than it had been in South Africa.

And he never understood how a state such as Israel could cooperate with and arm the apartheid state in South Africa that was run by Nazi sympathisers.

Tutu, says Feinstein, was also concerned about what the Israelis were doing to themselves by their “hatred of the other” and by the shrinking of their own existence because they defined that existence in relation to those they subjugated and oppressed. “He continued to search for a solution to the Palestinian issue throughout his life and continued steadfastly to call for boycotts, divestment and sanctions [BDS] against Israel, just as he had against apartheid South Africa.”

Israel is glaringly racist

Today Israel illegally occupies the West Bank and East Jerusalem, including the Old City, and has Gaza in a vice so pitiless as to have caused a long-term humanitarian crisis and irreparable environmental damage.

For over 70 years millions of dispossessed Palestinians and their families have languished in refugee camps, and those who were able to remain in their homeland – Christian and Muslim alike – live miserable lives under brutal military occupation. Unopposed by a feeble-minded international community, the ever-expanding state of Israel continues to annex and swallow up Palestinians’ lands and destroy their livelihoods.

In the West citizenship and nationality mean much the same thing, but in the new Israel nationality bestows greater rights than citizenship and only Jews can be “nationals”. Their nationality rights are granted by the Law of Return.By the same token the national lands in Israel don’t belong to the people, unless they happen to be Jews. The land becomes “national” land through purchase or confiscation by the Jewish National Fund in a process called “redeeming the land”. It’s a concept taken from the Bible – except that the state, rather than God, brings back the Jewish people from “exile” and re-unites them with the Biblical lands which, magically, have become their inalienable and exclusive property, even though most of them have no ancestral connection to it.

The racist nature of Israel, recently reinforced by the passing of discriminatory Nation State laws and expressed through an unreasoning “hatred of the other”, cannot be denied. And any attempt to set up a political party to campaign for a secular state to represent all of the people equally is banned by law. So, Israel is plainly not the liberal Western-style democracy this sordid little country and its leadership would have us believe.

Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention forbids an occupying power to deport or transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies. The International Criminal Court, set up in 1998, regards such practice as a war crime. But because Israel, along with Iraq and the US, didn’t sign up to the ICC, it feels free to carry on with its illegal squatter programme (they hope the term “settlements” sounds more palatable) regardless.

Genuine settlers come in friendship and with consent. But Israeli settlers are mostly hardline religious squatters who steal land and homes at gunpoint and are supported by the Israeli government’s policy of using violence against the indigenous Palestinians and shielded by its occupation troops.

These squats are usually fortified colonies with gun towers, mine-strewn death strips and army back-up. No doubt they appear heroic in Israeli eyes but are offensive to most other people – especially the Palestinians – and breach all international understanding of what constitutes acceptable behaviour.

Theft of Jerusalem and the entire Holy Land is almost complete

Israel is the most-favoured ally of the world’s most powerful nation, from whose taxpayers it receives $3-4 billion a year in military and economic aid. It is also rewarded for its vile behaviour by many other countries, including the UK, who lavish upon the regime all manner of trade deals and technology cooperation agreements. It sees itself as a military superpower, is the third largest manufacturer of arms, has the fourth largest nuclear arsenal, and is probably the strongest economic force in the region thanks in part to US subsidies. In Palestine it is the occupying power.

Israel has never declared its borders but is formally recognised by the Palestinians and the Arab League within the internationally recognised “Green Line” border. So, it is not “fighting for its existence” as many of its supporters claim. If international law – and in particular the Fourth Geneva Convention – were enforced the occupation would collapse under the weight of its own illegality.

As things stand, Israel has all but succeeded in making its illegal occupation permanent, with no consequences. And there’s no sign on the ground that it is willing to hand back enough land and relinquish enough control for a truly viable Palestinian state to be established. To make sure that never happens, annexation of “Greater Jerusalem” continues as does the squatter programme.

With its “Apartheid” Wall still biting deep into Palestinian territory and cutting Palestinians off from their own precious resources, Israel clearly wants control of the entire country while shunting the Palestinians into an ever more whittled-down, fragmented, semi-sovereign, non-viable, non-militarised mini-state denied free access to the outside world.

What right have these “Israelis” to be there in the first place?

DNA research by one of America’s finest university schools of medicine, Johns Hopkins, shows that most of those living today who claim to be Jews are not descended from the ancient Israelites. On the contrary, the Palestinians have more Israelite blood than the Jews – they are the real Semites.

This research work was published by the Oxford University Press in 2012 on behalf of the Society of Molecular Biology and Evolution. It found that the Khazarian Hypothesis is scientifically correct, meaning that most Jews are Khazars, and concluded that probably no more than 2 per cent of Jews in Israel are actually Israelites.

The Khazarians converted to Talmudic Judaism in the 8th Century. They were never in ancient Israel. So, even if you believe the myth that God is some sort of real estate mogul who gave the land to the Israelites, he certainly didn’t give it to the Khazarians. Eastern European “Jews” who flooded into the Holy Land intending to kick the Palestinians out, have no biblical or ancestral connection to Old Israel and are not Semitic.

This is still a controversial area of research but the Johns Hopkins study hasn’t been refuted, as far as I know. If the Palestinians are indeed the true Semites, the whole anti-Semitism argument falls down. The anti-Semites turn out to be the Israeli regime itself with its nasty inquisitors and brainwashed stooges embedded in our government and political parties.

Israel is the criterion according to which all Jews will tend to be judged… It would be a tragic irony if the Jewish state, which was intended to solve the problem of anti-Semitism, was to become a factor in the rise of anti-Semitism. Israelis must be aware that the price of their misconduct is paid not only by them but also Jews throughout the world.

These are not my words, but an observation by former Israeli Director of Military Intelligence Yehoshafat Harkabi, in his book Israel’s Fateful Hour. His opinion is held by many other Jews.

So, if nothing is done to address the causes of anti-Israelism (which is the outrage many people actually feel), it may turn into hatred of Jews as Harkabi predicts. Isn’t this a matter between Jews themselves and best left for them to deal with?


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