“Underworld” and the Illuminati Hybrid



Underworld chronicles the emergence of the Illuminati hybrid…Vampire & werewolf represent Jew & Gentile. .

by Aspen

Underworld: Awakening is the fourth in a series of films presenting a centuries-long battle being waged between vampires and werewolves.

This film represents the many mixed themes of Illuminati history and self-representation.

Underworld: Awakening closes with a heavy line: “We will not only survive this world. We will reclaim it.”

The speaker is a hybrid vampire named Selene. Selene’s special significance is that she is able to walk in the light of the Sun.


The general story is that vampires and werewolves had immunity to disease and aging as result of a genetic mutation.. The first such man was one Alexander Corvinus; and he had two sons, Marcus and Michael, “one bitten by bat, one bitten by wolf”.

The sons developed mutations reflecting the characters of the beasts that had infected them and went on to infect others.

The early werewolves were vicious and bloodthirsty, while the vampires were sane and measured, so the vampires suppressed and controlled the werewolves.

The wolves were initially used as guard-dogs for the vampires, but then the wolves evolved and revolted, led by a wolf named “Lucian”. A brutal eradication campaign was instigated against the wolves, who were then forced to move their operations literally underground. The vendetta lasted for centuries.

Lucian eventually discovers a genetic modification procedure for creating vampire-werewolf hybrids.

In fact three types of hybrid are created. Lucian (werewolf) and Selene (vampire) together infect a remote descendant of Corvinus, named Michael Corvin, who becomes the first hybrid; and later, Alex Corvinus gives his last lifeblood to Selene, thus endowing her with the ability to walk in Sunlight.

She is the second hybrid. Also, Selene and Michael Corvin have sex and Selene bears a hybrid child named Eve.

Normal humans somehow become aware of the existence of the vampire-werewolf “underworld”, and an inter-species war is launched. The werewolves come out of hiding in the form of a nascent super-species, due to advances in genetic modification.


This is clearly a mirror of historical developments.

2,000 years ago, Israel and the Jews were renowned as nearly impossible to manage, due to constant “infections” of revolt, intrigue, and violence (a fact once again true, live and in play, in our times).

Israel was smashed, its denizens dispersed. Around the same time, Christianity appeared and “infected” the declining Roman Empire, penetrating its furthest veins.

Then Messianic Kabbalah, a powerful Luciferian philosophy, erupted in the 1200’s, and there was a revolt, led by the bi-sexual Jew Sabbatai Zvi. The open revolt failed, but the revolutionary energy of the Kabbalistic adherents simply took itself underground. In Orthodox Judaism, study of the Kabbalah was made restricted territory.

After centuries of hiding, infiltrating, and gradually assuming near-complete control of the world’s religious, educational, economic, political, and technological centers, as well as inter-breeding Jew and Gentile, and developing genetic enhancement regimens that remain unknown to the general public, the Illuminatist hybrid is emerging in fuller and fuller view, ready to fight.


The Underworld series was one of the first film venues to present Vampirism and Lycanthropy as pathological conditions caused by biological infection. That is, a “transforming genetic disease”. I say, a disease, not “diseases”, because both wolves and vampires were created by one single genetic mutation.

Earlier representations of vampires and wolves had focused on indeterminate spiritual forces as the cause of vampiric and wolvine transformation. Suddenly, with Underworld, Daybreakers, Wolfman, and so forth, it’s an “infection” that causes physical transformation. The public audience of such films is getting accustomed to this.

This is noteworthy because there has been a similar shift in media presentations of the concept of the “zombie”. In tandem with Underworld and its kind, major film releases like “I Am Legend”, “28 Days Later”, “28 Weeks Later”, and “Zombieland” (with a sequel coming up) do the exact same thing. They present the appearance of the “zombie” as an infectious HIV-like wildfire.

It is noteworthy also because the X-Men venue presented a similarly broad tale of super-human misfits with remarkably varied powers, each of which derives from the same basic mutation.

Formerly “spiritual” horror has entered the scientific mainstream, precisely because Illuminati Science is directed at technology-driven enhancement of the human body.

As the Asgard “deity” Thor — one of the Avengers — stated (in the film “Thor”), “Among my people, Science and Magic are the same thing.” In The Avengers film itself, both the Hulk and Captain America are super-humans created by scientific experimentation.

A recent article describes full-body intra-cellular inducement of mutation, although not really to my satisfaction.


The Underworld films make it clear: hybrids are the destined survivors of conflict that is to come.

Werewolves and Vampires respectively represent Illumintist “virtues”; they also reflect certain aspects of the Gentile-Jew alliance.

We know who the wolves are. The Wolf is a hallmark public announcement of Illuminati interest and influence. Wolves are a hunted species, hiding out, subverting the controlling forces all the way up to the top, multiplying their power, developing immunity to silver (economic tides), and enhanced physical strength (military dominance). In other words, “werewolves” represent human potentials for power, violence, and durability. It’s worth noting that they are not associated with any religious themes.

Vampires represent human themes of compactness, intellect, genetic purity, sexuality, mechanical and information technology, and psychic ability. It’s worth noting that vampires have long been associated with both Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox Christianity, in that vampires are considered to be the offspring of Lucifer.

Hybrids are Illuminists. The persecution of the Jews; military subjugation of the Germans; the intellectual prowess of Jews and Germans; the subversive expertise of Machiavellian politicians; the creation, management, and destruction of delusion-based economic systems; black-ops programs aimed at both military supremacy and induced genetic enhancement; and so forth. It’s all there, in Underworld.

In another way, the “wolves” are the Jew-derived half of the Controlling Elite equation. The “vampires” are the Germanic-Nordic-Frankish half. It’s no secret that these two groups have been intermixing purposefully, and their combined material IS the “Illuminati”. This is a less-finessed interpretation of the “hybrid” theme.

Underworld gives us the history of the emergence of the Illuminist hybrid.


“Selene” refers to the Goddess of the Moon. The moon is a classic Luciferian symbol, presiding over the medieval darkness of the night.

“Alexander” is Greek, calling attention to the leader who created an empire. We see NWO action here.

“Corvin” and “Corvinus” mean “raven”: the harbinger of struggle, a constant Illuminati and Luciferian media theme.

“Michael” is a Hebrew name that means “Who is like God?” In the series, it is Michael who is the original werewolf, and it is a later descendant, Michael, who becomes the first hybrid.

“Marcus” is a Roman name referring to the god of war, Mars. Marcus originates the vampires, then later declares war on all of humanity.

“Eve” is the Mother of the Human Race.

“Lucian” is merely a simplified form of “Lucifer”.

“Jacob” is the werewolf father of a man named “Quint”. Historically, Jacob is a Hebrew figure who came to be called “Israel” and, according to lore, wrestled with an angel and, ultimately, fathered the Jewish race.  Jacob heads an organization called Antigen. “Antigen” means “a contaminating particle in the human body”. That’s the Jews and all normal, mainstream, “lower” people.

Quint is a monstrosity, a werewolf of gigantic size. His body has been genetically ramped-up with therapies that create immunity, self-healing, and muscle growth. “Quint”means “5”. He’s the Satanic pentagram and pentacle, and for whatever reasons, Jacob fathered him.

Here we see Illuminati honesty: hating Jewry and humanity in general, while milking both for all they’re worth.

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